Meet Belle, the permanently surprised pooch who’s won the hearts of the internet

Everything in life seems to be a shock for Belle, the permanently surprised pooch.

The doberman/cattlehound cross was born with her head muscles stretched back, which makes her look constantly astounded.

It doesn't cause Belle any pain, but it does leave her with an everlasting shocked expression that garners attention in public and online, where she has amassed more than 160,000 TikTok followers after going viral.

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Lieschen O'Connor adopted her in 2017 from Lawrence Humane Society, an organisation that provides care for homeless and abused animals.

“Belle is extremely sweet and a little goofy. If dogs could laugh, Belle would definitely laugh a lot,” said Lieschen, 38, from Tyler, Kansas.

She said she loves Belle's unique appearance and says strangers regularly approach her to say Belle is the "cutest pup ever".

One fan wrote: "Her expressions make my heart swell" whilst another added: "She is the cutest dog on TikTok. I love her so much".

A third added: "I know why but she just looks so stunned all the time and it kills me."

Lieschen, a project manager in higher education, said: "She is gentle with other animals and great with kids.”

Belle is regularly given eye drops as they often get a little dry but, apart from that, she is just like any other dog.

Lieschen added: "If people meet her in person, they usually comment that she is beautiful and has an expressive face.

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"People online tend to either think Belle is the cutest pup ever."

Unique-looking dogs often go viral, and another pooch that has made headlines is Dúi – who looks like a cat.

His unique appearance comes from a mix of rare breeds, including the native ancient breed of Hmong and the short-legged breed dingo.

Owner Hai Anh, from Vietnam, said: "I'm lucky to have Dúi. He's quite smart and looks like an English cat."


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