I’m a gypsy woman & my unique cleaning tip will leave kitchen furniture sparkling EVEN if it’s rusty | The Sun

A GYPSY woman has shared her number one cleaning tip to remove annoying rust from kitchen furniture – and you won’t believe what her secret weapon is.

TikTok user Gypsy Queen Pashy, who can be found via her profile @gypsyqueenpashy13, wowed her followers as she posted a video tutorial of a before and after of a previously rusty breakfast bar stool.

But they were left even more open-mouthed when they discovered it was all because she’d used MUD on the metal.

As she filmed the silver and blue chair, Gypsy Queen Pashy explained: “I’ll show you how to get your bar stools up, your breakfast bar stools.”

She then zoomed in on the base of the chair, as she continued: “This is really rusty.

“But the gypsy ways are the best ways – watch and learn everyone.”

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The social media user then showed her weird but wonderful technique for all to see, which includes using wet soil to scrub off the grime. 

As she demonstrated, she added: “A drop of water on the dirt, get yourself a good old scourer.

“Rub it right in [the dirt] – from a ditch, anywhere will do.”

She then began to clean the base of the stool by wiping the mud onto it directly with the scourer. 

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As she put some serious elbow grease into the chore, she went on to say: “It’s called willpower. Gypsy Queen will show you!

“Anything that’s rusty with a bit of stainless steel on it, we’ll clean it up.” 

Gypsy Queen then showed the clear difference between the section of the chair she’d cleaned using mud, and the bit she hadn’t yet touched.

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She proudly said: “You can see just there how it’s all lifted. Look at that. That’s what you’ve got to try now.”

She then put her finishing touches to the chair, spritzing the now clean stainless steel with some Fabulosa to give it a gleaming shine.

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