I spent over £400 at Kylie Swim to see if it was worth it – I can't wear one of the swimsuits without flashing my bits | The Sun

CELEBRITY brands are popping up all over the place, but it seems as if some are maybe not quite as great as people were expecting.

This was sadly discovered by one Youtuber and TikToker, who spent $500 (£416) at Kylie Swim, but was sorely disappointed with a number of the items.

Posting to TikTok, fashionista Brianna Renee tries on a rather revealing option from the collection, saying that it’s something of a disaster.

“I’m wearing it right now but I literally can’t show you because I’ve had like eight nip slips and my coochie has swallowed the bottoms whole, like it was all lip,” says Brianna.

On YouTube, Brianna reveals that she purchased the entire Kylie Swim line, which she says she was super excited to buy.

The first item she tries on she says seemed very thin for swimwear and was very confusing to actually get on. 


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The second item she tries on, she adds, also feels quite thin, something no one really wants for swimwear.

Wearing one of the one-pieces she says: “I’m trying to figure out if I like this one or not. I think I just expected it to make my boobs look better, I feel like it kinda makes me look flat and I don’t know how I feel about that.”

She does add that she likes the colour, and it does mostly fit well.

Next she tries the same swimsuit she showed in her TikTok, adding that “this literally covers nothing.”

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Trying it on Brianna says: “As long as I don’t move I think I’m good,” adding that  while it might work for an Instagram photo it’s just too impractibale to actually wear for long.

The next item in her haul is a cut-out swimsuit, which Brianna says feels very cheap, and that some of the threads are actually coming loose. She even says that it feels worse than a bikini from SHEIN.

Her last items were a bikini and sarong combo. The bikini, she says, also feels rather cheaply made, although she does like the colour.

The sarong, however, Brianna says feels amazing, and might be her favourite item in the order.

Trying the bikini on Briana says: “This swimsuit just feels so unnecessary to have in the collection. It’s just like a basic [bikini], but I feel like basic should be high quality and this one definitely is not.”

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Brianna has posted a second video, to her TikTok page, showing how when wet the swimsuits become very see-through.

Captioning the video “and they’re $80 each” she wets the swimwear under a tap before putting them on over a patterned top, showing that you can very clearly still see the pattern through them.

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