Coronation Street Stus daughters identity exposed by fans

Fans of ITV's Coronation Street are bracing themselves following the shocking news that Stu Carpenter (played by Bill Fellows) has a secret daughter.

The formerly homeless chef has been keeping secrets from boss Yasmeen Nazir (Shelley King) and is furious when she interferes in his plans, producing his daughter Bridget’s address.

And when Stu plucks up the courage to meet his estranged daughter face-to-face, he knocks on her door, but Bridget panics and asks him to go. Stu is desperate for Bridget to listen and begs her for a chance, insisting that he never hurt anyone. When he speaks to Yasmeen later on, he tells her got the wrong address.

Stu became a chef at Speed Daal and found a place to live at 6 Coronation Street. Estranged from his family, he spent his youth in the navy but lost his job at a pub during the COVID-19 pandemic.

He first became involved in the goings on on the cobbles when he inadvertently saved the vital piece of evidence which showed that Corey Brent was guilty of the murder of Seb Franklin back in 2021.

He's a man of mystery and viewers are sure it seems like he's hiding something – and they think they've worked it out.

DNA link to Tracy Barlow

Rumours have swirled for a long time that Stu might have a familial link to Coronation Street veteran Tracy Barlow. Some have even suggested he could be her uncle.

And tensions certainly show between the pair as earlier this year, Tracy found Stu using her toilet and lost it with him. Another theory is that Stu is the brother of the late Ray Langton, Tracy’s "biological" father but some have gone as far as to suggest that Stu might actually be Tracy's father. What a twist that would be.

Finding Bridget could be the first piece of the jigsaw as Stu discovers just who he's related to on the cobbles. One fan on Facebook took to the social media platform to stir the pot saying: “Rumour has it that Stu pot’s daughter is Tracy Barlow!”

But another quickly pointed out: “Tracy’s dad was Ray Langton. He cheated on Deirdre and then moved away!”

Child abuse plot

In confrontational scenes, Stu promised Bridget that he "never hurt anyone" but they way he tried to cover his tracks with Yasmeen have left fans worrying that Stu's past might be even darker that it seems.

Bridget slams the door on her father, it could be revealed that Stu was involved in a horrific child abuse storyline, as hinted at in his previous drunken behaviour. Could that be the reason he was sacked from his pub job and potentially the Navy?

One concerned viewer posted on social media: “Please not a child abuser, I hope not,” as another said: “Another miserable storyline coming up I suppose!”. A third said: "It seems they can only make doom and gloom storylines last.”

And a fourth echoed: “Please let Stu be a nice man and have no nasty secrets about him! He’s great with Yasmeen working at the restaurant.”

Shock pregnancy

And another theory to add to the mix is that Bridget could be hiding a pregnancy from her father. Or possibly even that the father of her child is one of his enemies. We know from spotting some filming images that Stu has at least one granddaughter, as she is the one who opens the door when he arrives for the confrontation.

Meanwhile, Stu's ex-wife Lucy has issued a warning that he stay away from Bridget. But could the pregnancy be the reason she wants to hide when her father comes to the door?

Taking to Twitter, one viewer suggested: “Ooo, Stu has an ex wife and daughter. There’s a future storyline if ever I heard one. I bet his daughter will turn up saying she's pregnant!” Another guessed: “I bet Stu’s daughter is going to be pregnant or have a baby with one of his enemies from the past, maybe from his time in the Navy?”

Coronation Street continues on weekdays on ITV.

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