Hollyoaks boss reveals 'explosive' Juliet scenes amid Nadira's Bollywood wedding

There is destined to be devastation ahead as Hollyoaks boss Lucy Allan has promised ‘explosive’ scenes around Juliet Nightingale’s (Nimah Blackshaw) secret affair with Nadira Valli (Ashling O’Shea).

In a chat with Metro.co.uk, she has strongly hinted at the plotline reaching a major crescendo this summer.

The couple have grown close and embarked on a passionate secret relationship, while being engaged to Peri Lomax (Ruby O’Donnell) and Shaq Qureshi (Omar Malik) respectively.

Juliet developed feelings for wedding planner Nadira earlier this year, after they shared a kiss which took them both by surprise.

Nadira, meanwhile, is struggling with her sexuality, and has thrown herself into planning her wedding, as she intends to marry Shaq despite not loving him.

With a very Bollywood-esque ceremony ahead for Nadira and Shaq, celebrations are afoot in the village.

But Nadira is having serious doubts; will she confess her feelings for Juliet?

And what about Juliet herself – with a choice to make, does her heart lie with Nadira or Juliet?

Amid the brightness and colours of the wedding, producer Lucy has alluded to major drama.

‘We’ve got some extraordinary Bollywood moments coming up in the show, which we finished filming a few weeks ago, which we’re really proud of,’ she enthused when we caught up with her.

‘Invariably, you can expect Juliet to be explosive!’

Will she crash the wedding or accept that Nadira will never be with her? Or will Nadira be the one to make a life-changing decision about her future?

Juliet’s going to be busy in the summer as she will also be impacted by the return of James (Gregory Finnegan).

‘James has had a bad year,’ Lucy declared, in perhaps the biggest understatement possible.

‘It’s a story that felt important to us to articulate and that’s ultimately where that story has come from, his inability to process and deal with the death of his mum and how that has galvanised his life into spiralling out of control.

‘We really wanted to lean into looking at his relationship with Romeo and Juliet as well. We love the dynamic of Donna-Marie and James, that class divide that exists between them.

‘You can look forward to an awful lot more of that coming down the line. For us James and Ste is the big kind of – you’ve got to give somebody hope.’

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