Hollyoaks boss Lucy Allan reveals big Nancy and Darren story on the way

Recently married and with the joyful arrival of newborn Morgan, life has been on the up for beloved Hollyoaks couple Nancy and Darren Osborne.

But their world will be rocked by an upcoming big story, as Jessica Fox and Ashley Taylor Dawson are thrust right to the centre of the action.

The couple have always had a turbulent time on the show, but fans – who have affectionately dubbed the relationship ‘Dancy’ – are delighted that they are together and harmonious.

That never lasts long in Hollyoaks though, let’s face it.

Show producer Lucy Allan was recently chatting to us at Metro.co.uk as part of a summer and autumn launch for the show.

While she wasn’t parting with many details, the a new plot is coming to fruition – but will the united couple face any challenge head on together?

Or will it lead to disaster for them?

‘Dancy as we know and love them are just so central to what the core of the show is,’ the chief of the Oaks enthused.

‘The humour that they bring, the character they bring, their rooting in a true family. Ashley was extraordinary in that hour long special in Majorca.

‘Nancy and Felix, again brilliant in terms of making you laugh and the way Jess then went on to talk about the trauma of miscarriage.

‘I think Darren and Nancy, their ability to bridge comedy and drama seamlessly just makes them real soap stalwarts.

‘We’re just in the process of discussing a big story for them so I’m hoping it’s going to fly. Next time you see me I’ll be able to tell you a bit more about that.’

Can we make next time tomorrow please?

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