Five Emmerdale spoilers as Sandra takes advantage of a villager for cash | The Sun

SANDRA Flaherty has no shame or limits when it comes to the money she so desperately longs for.

This week in Emmerdale, the character beds another village in the hopes of getting some cash. Get the lowdown.

1. Sandra beds another villager

ITV viewers saw right through Sandra Flaherty, as actress Joanne Mitchell recently reprised her role in the soap.

Upon her return, it became clear the character was only after her daughter Liv's (played by Isobel Steele) money.

Coming up, however, Sandra turns her attention to Rishi Sharma (Bhasker Patel) who has had an unexpected windfall.

Sandra immediately comes up with a plan but has to make a show of putting his tip money in the jar as a suspicious Mandy Dingle (Lisa Riley) keeps an eye on her every move.

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After his former wife Manpreet put an end to their marriage, Rishi has been feeling lonely and decided to join a dating app.

Unluckily for him, Sandra will be using that against him to try and reel him in.

Rishi is amazed to see that his profile received a response from a very interested woman.

But he's gutted to find out she cancelled their meeting at the Woolpack – unaware that it's actually Sandra.

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Once she realises she's managed to set him up, Sandra swoops in and offers her company.

The pair eventually decide to end the night at Rishi's and he leads Sandra up to his bedroom.

The following morning, Rishi is worried about what other villagers would think and Sandra plays on his insecurity.

Knowing she has him wrapped around her little finger, Sandra gets confirmation that her plan worked when he sheepishly offers her money to make up for his behaviour.

Rishi drowns his sorrows and Sandra pockets the cash she's been wanting.

2. Mandy takes action

But while she may get the money she wants, Sandra is close to landing herself into plenty of trouble especially after stealing from Mandy's salon.

This week, Mandy voices her concerns about the missing money to Live but goes a step further to avoid further theft – and confirm her hunch about Sandra.

She secretly takes out her CCTV camera kit, determined to get to the bottom of the missing tips.

However, Sandra finds out and is shocked when she stumbles upon the hidden camera in the salon.

The troublemaker knows she's walking on eggshells with Mandy – but could she soon be exposed?

3. Chas and Al are caught

Elsewhere in the Dales, Chas Dingle and Al Chapman (portrayed by Lucy Pargeter and Michael Wildman) are trying to keep a low profile as their affair continues.

But Kerry Wyatt (Laura Norton) could be on to them in scenes due to air this week.

Coming up, Chas is excited when she gets a message from her lover announcing his return to the eponymous village after a short trip.

As he arrives, both are unaware that his own oblivious partner, Kerry is right behind him.

The situation becomes awkward when Kerry tells her cheating boyfriend she'd like to spend time with him.

Al deflects to go and meet with his mistress instead.

Paddy is keeping a close eye on his wife in the pub but Chas and Al still manage to organise a secret meeting.

But unbeknownst to them, Chloe Harris (Jessie Elland) overheard their conversation and runs to Kerry to tell her all about it.

Kerry takes matters into her own hands and, all glammed up, awaits Al in a hotel reception, where a post-coital Chas and Al revel in their affair in their bedroom.

The pair leave and the businessman panics when he clocks Kerry in the reception.

He ushers Chas, unaware of the situation, away – but Kerry smells a rat when the receptionist tells her that no Al Chapman has booked a room at the hotel.

Kerry leaves but later confronts Al.

Will he come clean?

Is his affair with Chas over?


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4. Noah is released

Noah Dingle (Jack Downham) was sentenced to three months in prison after terrorising an stalking his former girlfriend Chloe Harris.

His mother Charity (Emma Atkins) is shocked to find out he will come back home in a matter of days.

Upon his return, the troubled teen is less than pleased to see his mother and decides to shun her altogether.

While it may be hard for the pair to make amends, another surprise revelation may push Charity to look more into her son's life.

5. Gabby makes a decision

After Amelia Spencer (Daisy Campbell) put Thomas' life in danger, Gabby Thomas (Rosie Bentham) became livid and is ready to make the youngster pay.

It all begins when Dan Spencer (played by Liam Fox) confronts businesswoman Kim Tate (Claire King) when he spots a "To Let" sign outside of his house.

It's clear the latter has a trick up her sleeve when she bluffs, telling him she knows about the situation.

However, Kim is annoyed when she realises Gabby hasn't kept her in the loop but she insists Dan and Amelia.

Gabby and Kim have something else they can use against Amelia.

When Kim sees her trying to steal Gabby's latest visiting order, the teen knows she's in trouble.

Dan is shocked when Gabby and Kim tell him that Amelia has been impersonating Gabby by stealing her ID to visit Noah.

A surprised Charity finds out about Amelia's secret prison visits and questions her.

But after exposing Amelia to her father-figure, Gabby is more inspired to look for love in the village when she sees her stepmother Laurel move on with Kit.

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What's next in store for the villagers and how will Dan react to Amelia's connection to Noah?

Emmerdale airs on ITV.

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