‘It was really bad’ Two women cure their ‘nightmare’ adult acne after years of misery

Acne: Dr Ross Perry offers skincare tips and treatments

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Acne may have been a fixture of teen life for many of us, but for some it creeps into adult life. Hannah Barry and Caitlin Heather and spoke exclusively to Express.co.uk about their battles with adult acne and how they got rid of it for good.

Hannah’s skin was absolutely fine during her teenage years, and she only started suffering with acne in her twenties.

She believes that the spots were triggered by some hormonal treatments for her endometriosis, and she quickly started to lose her self-esteem.

She told Express.co.uk: “Eventually it got to the point where it was really bad and affecting my self confidence.

“I wouldn’t go out, or I’d have vivid conversations with my friends before nights out or days away and I’d be crying because my makeup didn’t sit right.

“It would be like open wounds on my face, it was so bad.”

She didn’t feel totally listened to or taken seriously in her corporate career, worrying that everyone was just staring at her face.

Hannah tried everything, from topical creams to Roaccutane, and while the Roaccutane did work after a while, it was at a cost.

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“Before doing Roaccutane I was such a happy-go-lucky, carefree person.

“The Roaccutane really gave me these anxious moments.”

And even after a course of the strong medication, Hannah’s acne crept back up after a year of clear skin.

Enough was enough and Hannah decided that she was going to “take control” of her acne and she did this by completely overhauling her diet.

She stripped away everything that wasn’t “natural, normal or good for you”, keeping a diary all the while, before slowly integrating treat foods back into her diet.

The process started off with a rewarding – albeit challenging – 10 day cleanse where Hannah even gave up all carbohydrates.

“You’ll start to see what your body likes, what your body doesn’t like, what your body can handle, what it can’t handle – and you’ll find the trigger.

“Dairy and sugar for example, they don’t cause acne, but they definitely feed it.”

Hannah began starting her day with a healthy juice containing apple, lime, berries, lemons, spinach – “all that good stuff, your greens are your superfoods for the skin, for sure”.

Now Hannah opts for brown carbs as opposed to white, and foods such as lentils and quinoa to bulk up meals.

It’s not a one-size-fits-all approach, so Hannah recommended others to go through the same process and find out which foods are right for them.

Once Hannah got her acne under control, she was able to reintroduce meat, dairy, sugar and other enjoyable foods, but this time round she’s more mindful of the effects they have on her body.

She explained: “If I want a glass of red wine and a night of cheese and crackers, I then know that I just need to be really good for the next couple of days or accept the fact I’m probably going to get a little breakout.”

Hannah’s skin is clearer than ever due to her newfound understanding of food, and she even channelled her own journey into a business.

She created a skincare range called Bare Face with six products designed to “calm and heal” the skin.

The range includes a cleanser, toner, moisturiser, clay mask, serum and a spot treatment gel, which can be used in conjunction with a healthy diet.

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Fellow adult acne sufferer Caitlin Heather took a different approach to her adult acne.

Like Hannah, Caitlin didn’t suffer from acne during her teen years, and the spots appeared when she hit adulthood.

She too tried a variety of topical creams from the doctor’s but found that “nothing was working”.

Her acne ended up taking a huge toll on her confidence, and even though she had had a loving partner for several years, she hated him looking at her skin.

She admitted: “It was a nightmare for me.”

It was only when she discovered utan x Jamie Genevieve CBD Tanning Water that she started to notice a dramatic change in her appearance and self-confidence.

“Within a month I noticed my skin had already started to clear up, it wasn’t as inflamed, it wasn’t as bumpy, I wasn’t breaking out as much.

“A few more months went by and it had almost cleared up, and then within a year my face had completely cleared up.

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“I still get the odd spot or two but nothing compared to where I was at.”

But it’s not just Caitlin whose skin has cleared up with the product.

Superdrug’s website is inundated with comments about the miracle spray.

Katielb called it “100 percent worth it – the best facial tan I’ve used!! It has also really helped my skin to clear”.

An anonymous reviewer said: “Someone who has suffered with bad skin for years, I have spent so much money on products – £1000’s!

“I was again doubtful this would help, but I haven’t had a spot appear in over a week! First time in my life.

“It gives you a natural look, colour in my face and I feel so much more happier.”

utan x Jamie Genevieve CBD Tanning Water is available at Superdrug for £14.99.

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