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DRIVERS have lots of road rules to remember when behind the wheel and when leaving their car parked.

When parking, finding a spot can be hard and it is tempting to park wherever there is space but is it illegal to park on grass verges?

Can you park on grass verges in the UK?

The answer for drivers is sadly not as simple as one parking law across the whole country.

Rules aren't strictly enforced and most areas rely on people using their common sense and be respectful of resident areas.

Many councils have laws in place to stop people parking on grass verges, although it varies from place to place.

Countryside roads tend to be less strict about verge parking as established car parks are fewer and further between.

In London, parking on pavements and grass verges is banned unless there is a specific sign saying it is permitted.

Verge and footpath laws tend to mean that parking anywhere that obstructs a footpath is illegal – including grass verges.


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If the car is persistently parked on the verge, this can cause damage over time and this can result in persecution too.

For most counties in the UK, it is best to avoid leaving your car on a grassy area unless you own the verge.

How do I stop people parking on my grass verge?

There are a few ways you can go about trying to stop people parking on the verge.

Unfortunately there is not a lot you can do as unless people are parking across your driveway or dangerously abandoning their cars.

If it is the same car that regularly parks on the verge, you could try to speak to the owner and ask them to avoid parking on the grass.

Beyond this you can get the council and traffic wardens involved.

Ask them to put up signs on the grass to deter people from leaving their cars there.

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If there is already a by-law in place to block verge parking, they may start issuing fines to drivers not adhering to the law.

Don't out your own posts or permanent bollards up as you will be liable for any damage caused by them.

The best thing to do is let your council know and allow them to deal with it.

Can you drive over a grass verge?

Driving on grass verges is similar to parking as rules vary across the country.

As a general rule, do not drive over grass verges.

If there is a dropped kerb, you may be permitted to drive over the grass verge but usually the grass finished before the kerb dips.

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The council will usually break up grass verges with space for cars to manoeuvre so use the gaps provided rather than damaging the greenery.

If you feel a grass verge needs some attention, alert the local council as maintenance falls to them.

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