Prince Georges smile in birthday photo contains hidden message – best thing about it!

Prince George's birthday photo praised by Ranvir Singh

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Prince George was born nine years ago on July 22, 2013 on one of the hottest days of the year. To celebrate his ninth birthday, his mother Kate Middleton released a new picture of the young royal on social media. Fashion journalist Mark Heyes appeared on Lorraine on Friday with Ranvir Singh to discuss the hidden messages in the new picture.

Ranvir said: “We love the photographs that come out because we know there’s always a story behind them.”

Mark added: “Absolutely, it’s a tradition that the Duchess of Cambridge does, she’s so good at it and it’s so nice to see George for his ninth birthday.”

Ranvir replied: “You know what, it’s the smile that reaches the eyes for me because he’s smiling at his mum.

“That’s the best thing about it!”

Mark explained: “That was taken on a family trip, just earlier this month before they broke up from school with Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis as well on a UK beach which is really nice.

“It’s nice Kate puts it out there and that it’s not all these formal pictures.”

Ranvir commented: “She’s made a concerted effort as he looks so relaxed, plus he’s not wearing his blazer, suit and tie like he does at Wimbledon, poor fellow!”

The fashion expert compared George to his father, Prince William, saying they look like a “double”.

The young Prince wore a blue T-Shirt for the new photograph, which many have looked into as having a special meaning.

Mark explained: “According to a behavioural colour psychologist, she said it’s a choice for George to show he is committed and suggests he shows he has a sense of duty.

“It symbolises a certain thing, so you’ll often see the Royal Family members all wearing that and it shows a sense of cohesion of the entire family.”

The expert commented on Kate’s tradition of always posting her children’s birthday photos.

Mark said: “It is such a lovely tradition that they’re putting forward, it is something completely new and it shows the move on with the entire Royal Family as well.”

The portrait is the second taken by the Duchess of Cambridge to be published within a month, after Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall commissioned Kate to take her picture for the cover of Country Life magazine.

A keen amateur photographer, Kate regularly releases pictures she has taken of her children to mark their birthdays.

She is also the patron of the Royal Photographic Society.

The Cambridges are understood to have headed off for a summer break shortly after the children broke up from school.

On their return, they begin a new chapter with a move to Windsor in Adelaide Cottage and a new school for all three children to start together in September.

For the first time, Prince Louis, four, is reported to join Prince George, nine and Princess Charlotte, seven, as they embark on a new school year.

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