After Ben Affleck and J.Lo got married, Jennifer Garner went parasailing

We got the surprise news over the weekend that Ben Affleck and Jennifer Affleck nee Lopez got married in Vegas at A Little White Chapel! We know because Jennifer shared photos and details on her newsletter. They look so in love and like they had a great time. There’s also something to be said about them reuniting 20 years after their aborted first ceremony and eloping. Although Ben and Jennifer didn’t bring their kids, at least going by what we know, I would assume that they gave their families a heads up that they were making it official. I’m sure they didn’t want their children to find out through the press. That’s all to say that, while I don’t have a timeline, Jennifer Garner must have known on Sunday that her second ex husband had already gotten married. So she did what one does in that situation and went parasailing!

We know that Garner went parasailing on Sunday because she posted a video to her stories of her feet high above the ocean. She also posted a selfie in a helmet noting that she was in Lake Tahoe. I kind of love this! The day my ex husband got remarried I just happened to be on a date and I told the guy “my ex husband is getting remarried today.” Then I gossiped a little about him and the guy dished about his ex wife. Overall I was/am happy for my ex and I mentioned that, it’s just my nature to gossip. I’m a professional at it.

I’m assuming Garner feels like she’s well rid of Affleck but that she wanted to do something cool for herself that day and she did! I like that she went parasailing as I’ve always wanted to try that. In April I went skydiving for the first time and I would imagine it’s similar except more peaceful. This was a cool way to handle the situation. She just did her own thing and posted it. Now if we get an update on her relationship with her elusive boyfriend John Miller I’ll change my perspective. If that happens US Magazine will get the exclusive quotes.

Some of these photos are of Jennifer Garner and Samuel at the 4th of July Parade in Pacific Palisades, where they were Grand Marshals! Credit: Backgrid

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