I’m trolled for being a budget bride – I'm having fake flowers & doughnuts instead of cake, it’s stupid to pay loads | The Sun

WEDDINGS can be expensive no matter how much you try and rein it in.

So it makes sense to cut costs where you can, like this savvy bride is doing – but it seems not everyone agrees.

Bride-to-be Sian Taylor has been sharing her budget wedding tips on TikTok, vowing not to spend a fortune on her upcoming big day.

As well as sharing some money-saving tips, the bride has revealed what she's cutting from the wedding – including fancy cars, a wedding cake and a "pointless" guest book.

She's even making her own bouquet using fake flowers and is shopping second-hand for the perfect veil.

She even saved money on her ring by shopping on Etsy and is making almost everything herself – just to save some cash.

What's more, Sian and her man decided to throw the wedding of a lifetime mid-week, which is loads cheaper than a weekend.

And while some people love that she's a budget bride on a mission to keep the wedding costs down, Sian's been forced to defend herself against some who don't understand her approach.

In fact, the budget bride claims she's even received "death threats" from people giving her "hate" about her wedding choices.

But she doesn't care what people think and says it's her wedding day, not theirs and guests should want to be there for the couple – not to bag freebies.

"To all you karens who blew up my TikTok overnight because I don't want a guest book and are having a mid week wedding for OUR wedding…

"This is OUR wedding, not yours. I've never said they're not good ideas, just personally we are not doing it for ours to save money for other stuff," she says in one video.

Speaking of guest books, she continues: "To US we feel like they're expensive and irrelevant on our day.

"We hope our guests are coming for us as a couple and not for the free stuff.

"Our wedding is also not for our guests, it's for us as a couple to celebrate our love. We do not have to do anything to pander to our guests

"If you think brides and grooms need to cater to YOUR needs on THEIR day, you are the issue, not the couple."

Sian made a series of clips of things she and her man aren't having on their big day after one of her clips went viral.

In the first, she says: "Things we won't be doing at our wedding because they're expensive and just really don't make sense."

In the video, Sian says a guest book is a waste of money, particularly fancy personalised ones, because "I know who's coming to our wedding."

"I invited them," she adds sarcastically.

She also says save the date cards are a waste and that she will just text people instead- and then use the £200 they save towards their honeymoon.

She's planning on scrapping wedding favours too saying "no one actually keeps them" and it'll save loads by not having any.

In a follow up clip, Sian says they are swapping a traditional wedding cake for a bunch of Kripsy Kreme doughnuts instead, which are way cheaper and more likely to be eaten.

"For a three-tiered wedding cake where I live it's about £400, that's without decoration, "she reveals.

"So I shopped around and managed to get a tiny six-inch wedding cake for about £30. I don't think I've actually ever eaten wedding cake at a wedding."

She continues: "Instead we're going to have Krispy Kreme doughnuts and people can just go up and grab one.

"The cake is just for the cutting of it!"

She will also pick up her wedding veil second hand, shopping Etsy or eBay, which will "half the cost."

The budget bride also managed to save big on her wedding rings, buying them for less then £400 on Etsy.

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