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ONE WOMAN has opened up about her experience of Wife Swap and how it impacted her parents' marriage.

Ashley King, from the United States, appeared on the popular reality series over 15 years ago.

She shared her story on Reddit, offering to answer questions from other curious users.

Ashley wrote: "My family was on Wife Swap in 2006, I was 13.

"My mom (professional organizer) swapped places with a pirate. Yeah, a pirate."

Their episode's synopsis reads: "Tori Baur of Oregon and her family live a pirate lifestyle.

"Her husband, John and his business partner, Mark have founded International Talk Like a Pirate Day and are the authors of 'Pirattitude.'


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"Her three kids: 16-year-old Cate, 13-year-old Millie and 6-year-old Max are encouraged to speak their minds and even allowed to swear.

"Housework is not a priority and the bill collector makes frequent visits to the Baur family."

It continues: "Tori swaps lives with Lisa Fine in California, where everything in her family's lives is organized & labelled.

"While her 10-year-old son Brandon wishes for a little more chaos in his life, her 13-year-old daughter Ashley is a miniature version of her mother, organizing her friends' room and making sure that her mother's systems are being used throughout the house.

"Husband Craig says that it's hard to keep up with his perfectionist wife."

Ashley featured heavily in the episode, often getting upset and breaking down due to her stand-in mother's criticism of her tidiness.

Pirate mum Tori even went so far as to call 13-year-old Ashley a "slave" because she wanted to clean the floor.

A whopping 16 years on, Ashley told Reddit that she was open to questions, and would be "responding when I can throughout the day and into the night. Ask away."

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It didn't take long for the questions to roll in, as one asked her: "Was your family paid for being on the show?

"Also, what did you think of the process after it was over? Did you feel like you 'learned' anything or was it just for the experience of doing a show?"

Ashley replied saying: "Yup, $20,000. No, I didn't learn anything, haha.

"I'm not sure what I'd learn from her, anyways. It was interesting, for sure, though! She was really strange.

"When she left, we went into the guest room and she had taken all the hangers and tangled them and hung them from the ceiling.

"She also took all the books in the room and flipped them upside-down and hid some of them. She was just weird AF."

One Reddit user asked Ashley: "Did your mom have to have sex with the pirate?"

She replied: "That would be a negative, Captain. However, my parents did get divorced very soon after we shot this.

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"My mom is now remarried and my dad is engaged."

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