I’m a laundry expert & my easy hack will cool your home quickly during the heatwave – and keep it that way for FREE | The Sun

DURING a heatwave, people often rely on fans or air conditioning to keep cool.

But amid the cost of living crisis, running such appliances can end up drastically pushing up electricity bills.

However, one laundry expert has revealed a way to keep your house cool in the heat – and it's completely free.

Deyan Dimitrov, founder of Laundryheap, told Express.co.uk that hanging cold, wet towels up at entry points around the house can be an effective way to cool a property down.

"The method allows trapped water to evaporate from the surface of the towels and cool the air flowing around your house," he said.

"Since this hack can be fashioned out of existing household items, it’s a cheap and useful alternative for houses that don’t have access to air conditioning."

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To try the hack out, dip the towels in cold water, squeeze out the excess and hang them up.

Put them at points where fresh air comes in from the outside – such as near doorways or open windows.

The method works best in sunlit, breezy rooms.

If you have a fan, you can position it next to the towel facing inwards, to push the cool air around the home.

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It's best to use light-coloured towels as they will reduce the amount of sunlight absorbed by the towel.

And also go for a clean towel, to help distribute a pleasant scent around the home.

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If you want added scent, you can pop a few drops of essential oil to the softener compartment of the washing machine when you're doing a wash.

To keep things cool during the day, replace the wet towels frequently.

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