I run UK's cheapest 'supermarket' that sells Brits' favourite items a third CHEAPER than other stores – punters love it | The Sun

A DAD-OF-ONE says he owns the UK's cheapest supermarket – and sells everything from cleaning products to toilet paper up to a third cheaper than his rivals.

Trucker Richard Williams, of Redditch in Worcestershire, has filled the shelves of Overstockers with budget-boosting essentials.

And he said customers are shunning traditional supermarket titans – and flocking to his shop instead.

Key workers included NHS nurses get an additional 10 per cent off at the tills.

Richard said: “We buy from the same places as the supermarkets but we charge our customers less.

“We could make a lot more on some of the products but we decided that we don’t want to rip people off.

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“Times are hard and we don’t want people to struggle even more.

“It means we make less but as long as we can get by, then it is the right thing to do.”

The dad-of-one ploughed all his life savings into setting up his shop during lockdown.

He is able to set lower prices by selflessly cutting his own profit margins – instead boosting his income through his night-time lorry job.

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Bestsellers at Overstockers include hotel pillows that cost £5 for a pack of two – but are found for £40 elsewhere.

The store charges £2.80 for a Comfort Intense 58 wash bottle, which costs £4 at Sainsbury's.

Shoppers can bag nine rolls of premium toilet paper for £3 – £1.95 less than Andrex sells for in Tesco.

Flash cleaning sprays are 50p cheaper than Asda, while Overstockers sells Lynx gift sets at a fraction of their recommended retail price.

Richard said: “All the local community comes down here.

“They help spread the word because they want to help their neighbours save cash.


“Before I put anything on the shelves, I check the prices online to make sure that we are really competitive.

“If someone comes up and says they can get it down the road, I’ll price match even if I’m losing money.

“One woman came in on Wednesday, then brought the rest of her family back.

"She had her sister with her, her aunt, her two daughters. And her two daughters’ kids. It was like a family outing.

“Everybody loves it – except the supermarkets.”

Hundreds of shoppers have flooded through the doors of Overstockers this month, including labourer Ben Richardson, 30.

Bagging a bundle of cleaning products, he said: "It must be the one of the cheapest supermarkets in Britain.


"You never get change out a tenner going to Tesco, do you?

"It's great to save some cash because the cost of everything else is rocketing – even if it's just a couple of quid."

While Richard works 18 hours a day combining his two jobs, he and fiancée Amy Cale, 35, are also raising their two-year-old daughter, Emily Mae, who is battling leukaemia.

The youngster was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukaemia the same week the shop opened in April 2021.

Richard said: “We started the shop for Emily so we could put some money away for her later in life.

“When she gets to 16 or 18 everything is going to be twice as hard.

We could make a lot more on some of the products but we decided that we don’t want to rip people off

“It’s a little stepping stone for her in life just to help her get going.”

Another shop in West Yorkshire sells everything for just pennies.

Founder Steve Nelson launched The 20p Shop in Otley around fie years ago.

Steve, 62, told the Sun: "Everything in the shop is 20p – it’s a level playing field.

"We were originally market traders, so know everyone loves a bargain.

"With all the Pound Shops opening up and some selling stuff for more than a quid – I thought why not a 20p shop?"

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Meanwhile, shoppers have been grabbing a bargain at 'Russian Lidl' store Mere, which opened its first store in Preston last summer.

Customers are promised prices up to 30 per cent cheaper than its rivals.

What you can buy at Overstockers

  • Finish Powerball Quantum Max 60 tablets £6
  • Finish 1kg Dishwasher Salt £1.25
  • Finish dishwasher cleaner 250ml £2.10
  • Crystale rinse aid 500ml £1.25
  • Freedom three-ply toilet roll nine rolls £3
  • Sure anti-perspirant 250ml  £1.75
  • Febreze bathroom air freshener £1.75
  • Sensodyne mild mint toothpaste 75ml £1.95
  • Johnsons cotton buds 200 £1
  • Dettol soap 50p
  • Freedom two-ply toilet roll 18 rolls £3.75
  • Comfort Intense fabric conditioner 58 wash £2.80
  • Surf liquid washing detergent 25 wash £2.50
  • Flash all purpose spray 700ml  £1.45

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