Corrie Gary star teases Kelly death twist as all hell breaks loose in Rick plot

Coronation Street star Mikey North has teased that Gary Windass could kill again, as Kelly Neelan grows closer to discovering the truth about her father's death.

Kelly Neelan's father Rick was a villainous loan shark who terrorised the residents of Weatherfield, before meeting his end at the hands of Gary Windass.

However, speaking exclusively to Daily Star and other press, actor Mikey North has revealed that Gary Windass' plans to keep Kelly from the truth are about to explode after she is kidnapped by one of her father's associates.

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After Gary finds Kelly locked in a cellar, he is knocked on the head with a crow bar, leading a dramatic fight scene that could see him kill again to protect his family.

When asked if Gary could kill again, Mikey hinted: "I think in that circumstance, as he said himself to Kelly's mum, he'd do it again in the same circumstances.

"He felt that he did not have much of a choice. I think given the same circumstances, he would."

Before her kidnap, Gary is already concerned that Kelly is growing closer to the truth about her father's murder at his hands, and begs her not to right her father's wrongs in case she finds out, saying: "He goes off on one.

"It's bringing two worlds together – his past with his present. He's desperately trying to avoid her finding out more."

He added: "With everyday that passes, she's getting closer to finding out. That increases the jeopardy.

"I'm sure when it all does come out, it'll make interesting viewing."

But with Mikey teasing that Gary could kill again, does this mean that Kelly could be in danger too if she discovers the truth?

"They're growing closer all the time and you'll see, even the way he speaks to her now, it has changed to become sort of a father figure," said Gary.

"Which obviously brings jeopardy with it, because it's bringing her closer to the truth all of the time, which is very interesting to play.

"I think they're growing closer all the time, but I think that's only going to add to what's coming up."

He added: "I guess it will be huge whenever that happens. That's what we're eventually building towards, is their relationship over time and I'm interested to see how it will transpire with them two.

"As we grow closer, it's going to be even more explosive."

Mikey also added that "all hell breaks loose" as Gary attempts to rescue Kelly in upcoming episodes of Coronation Street, following her kidnap.

"They have a massive row and a big falling out about her going to meet her dad's old clients. She storms off and she goes missing for a couple of days.

"They're worried about her and they think it's just because they've fallen out, but they start getting these strange texts and they suspect all might not be well."

He added: "This lands her in a lot more danger, a lot more trouble."

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