Celebrities Who are Blended Family Goals

Navigating life as a blended family is tough. There can be residual hurt feelings, unfortunate but unavoidable awkwardness and just a general weirdness that comes with bringing a divorced couple and their new families together.

If you’re looking for some prime examples of blended families being done right, look no further than these celebrities. The former couples below have found a way to exist amicably in each other’s lives and develop bonds — both with their ex and their ex’s new family. There’s so many sweet examples, from Jennifer Garner, who has bonded with Jennifer Lopez’s daughter over a shared hobby, to Demi Moore and Bruce Willis, who show an incredible, touching support for one another.

While it’s likely never easy and must take a lot of work to get there, we’re so impressed with how diligently these former couples have worked to keep life peaceful, fun and loving for the whole family.

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