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ONE couple decided to go with a wedding venue that wasn’t traditional, despite the opinions of naysayers.

A TikTok user gained over a million views after showing off her friend’s wedding party in a forest.

“When your friends throw a wedding party in a forest,” read the video’s on-screen text, showing off disco balls, twinkling lights and a DJ as people danced around.

Many commenters loved the unconventional idea but others were concerned about the effect on wildlife.

“Genuine questions, does this disturb wildlife? I guess it depends on the location?” asked one person.

Another viewer answered: “I’m sure it does, but probs depends on the location like you said.”


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A wedding photographer explained that there is often a designated location for these events and doesn’t usually harm wildlife.

“I’m sure it does, there must be bugs at least and others that live there,” wrote a third person. 

“But for one night, I think they survive it. Wildlife has survived much worse.”

Several others wondered how mosquitos were kept at bay, however, the poster did not say.

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Still, many expressed how creative the party was with some wishing to do the same.

“This better be the vibe of my wedding party,” wrote one person. 

“If my wedding ain’t like this, I don’t want it,” wrote another.”

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