The facts you REALLY need to know about the new PM hopefuls

Who has Cockapoo called Biscuit? Whose favourite drink is Larkins Ale? Forget the high politics, these are the REALLY important issues of the Tory leadership race

For the next two months, the news headlines will be dominated by Tory leadership rivals jostling over policies such as tax cuts, the Northern Ireland protocol and their vision for ‘global Britain’. 

But what about more mundane matters which reveal the candidates’ personalities and private tastes? 

Here are some homespun facts about the eight front-runners… 

Rishi Sunak

Mother’s job: Ran chemist’s shop

Middle name: None

Favourite food: Maryland cookies

Pets: Labrador retriever called Nova

Favourite drink: Mexican Coca-Cola

Cars: Range Rover, Lexus, BMW and VW Golf

Sajid Javid

Mother’s job: Corner shop owner

Middle name: None

Favourite food: Samosas

Pets: Cavapoo called Bailey

Favourite drink: Coke Zero

Car: Land Rover Discovery

Nadhim Zahawi

Mother’s job: Dentist

Middle name: None

Favourite food: Grilled chicken or steak and chips

Pets: Cockapoo called Biscuit

Favourite drink: Red wine

Car: Hybrid Range Rover

Liz Truss

Mother’s job: Nurse and teacher

Middle name: Elizabeth (Her first name is Mary)

Favourite food: Anything spicy

Pets: None

Favourite drink: White wine

Car: Unknown

Grant Shapps

Mother’s job: Ran photographic business

Middle name: None

Favourite food: Spaghetti bolognese

Pets: Two dogs and two cats

Favourite drink: Guinness

Car: Tesla

Jeremy Hunt

Mother’s job: Nurse

Middle names: Richard Streynsham

Favourite food: French

Pets: Labrador called Poppy

Favourite drink: Red wine

Car: Jaguar XJ

Priti Patel

Mother’s job: Ran newsagents

Middle name: Sushil

Favourite food: Pizza

Pets: None

Favourite drink: Gin and tonic

Car: Range Rover

Tom Tugendhat

Mother’s job: Home-maker

Middle names: Georg John

Favourite food: Fish fingers with rice and peas

Pets: Cat

Favourite drink: Larkin’s ale

Car: VW Golf

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