No accounting for taste! Bizarre snaps reveal epic fashion fails

No accounting for taste! Bizarre snaps reveal epic fashion fails including bacon socks and a ramen noodle tracksuit

  • has collated hilarious fashion fails from around the world 
  • Bacon socks looked more ilke an unpleasant foot disease than a trend item
  • Man was spotted in a US grocery store wearing ramen-emblazoned two-piece
  • Even pets don’t miss out with one cat sporting a specially crocheted bikini  

Fashion is a matter of person taste, but this collection of unusual outfits will have you wondering who would ever wear them, or more importantly, who designed them? 

The trivia website has collated a series of hilarious fashion fails from around the world that prove there’s no accounting for taste. 

Someone has lovingly crafted their rather unfazed cat a kit-kini out of pink wool, which must have been difficult, considering the anatomy of a feline. 

Another feature is a metal frog bikini which one Redditor has posted to the site and dubbed ‘the cursed bikini’. 

Some of the designs are innovative, but one Japanese nail artist lost her pearls when she came up with that oyster design!

There are some heel-less shoes that remind us of Lady Gaga’s footwear style statements back in 2010. 

Raving mad about ramen! There’s nothing wrong with loving a bowl of noodles but this man spotted at a US grocery store, took it a little too far with a full body printed tracksuit professing his love for the cupboard staple

Odd trotters. Two things that should never go together, bacon and feet. They look more like a strange disease than a delicious breakfast favorite all over the world

Toilet humor! These earrings made by a jewelry designer in Washington strike a bit of a bum note 

Scary hairy. Most of us spend time trying to remove hair but this US swimmer decided to add some instead. Certainly eye-catching, and we have to say her figure still looks good with full-on chest hair!

Are you fur real? This cat doesn’t look too amused at her lovingly crocheted kit-kini, but impressive work on making sure it fits the feline anatomy. Maybe pink just isn’t her colour

Clucking mad! We’re guessing the US owner of this hen-themed handbag didn’t have egg-cellent taste in accessories

We won’t be slytherin’ into these snake print tights anytime soon! They are so detailed in a dark room they could look like the real thing!

Denim disaster: We’re not surprised this model has their poker face on, wearing a confusing ensemble that looks like it’s been mauled by a tiger. This was part of British designer Christopher Shannon’s Spring/Summer collection back in 2017.

Pearls of stupidity from this Japanese nail artist. No matter how much of a seafood fan you are, some things are best left in the ocean!

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Nail Tale! One mermaid lover made sure her talons had a mythical tail attached, how does she wipe? 

Tooth good to be true. We are sure this purse took someone a long time to make, but to us, we aren’t sure we want it swallowing our money.

The hybrid cowboy. We aren’t sure the statement this leather fan is trying to make. Is he traipsing the well worn Texan terrain or hosting a barbecue in his back yard? Maybe both?

Leap for cover! Yikes- this creation, although artistic, looks heavy and uncomfortable to wear as well as slightly terrifying. We wouldn’t be wearing this to the beach unless we wanted an amphibian shaped tan! One US redditor dubbed it the ‘cursed bikini’

These remind us of Lady Gaga in 2009. She may have been able to walk in them, but we certainly can’t. Looks like a recipe for a broken nose.

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