Curvy models earning big with racy pics – like mum ‘paid fortune to be fat’

It’s now been 15 years since MIKA released his hit song Big Girl (You Are Beautiful) and his empowering lyrics have never felt more prevalent.

That’s because plus-sized models are now using racy sites like OnlyFans to make money off their curves.

And for many randy blokes spending their cash online, bigger really is better… and the women featured below really do know it.

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Georgia Rose

“Mirrors in every room so I can stare at myself because I’m obsessed.”

These were the bold words of Georgia Rose – a size 26 OnlyFans model who oozes confidence.

The body positive social media star has 37,000 TikTok followers and she often posts controversial videos to get tongues wagging.

This includes a viral clip showing her doting boyfriend grabbing her tummy while he bites his lip.

The plus size brunette was wearing a skin-tight sparkly dress and her caption read: “When you’re dating a belly man. Always try to squish the belly.”

The recording split opinion, with one woman replying: “I would cry if my boyfriend did this to me.”

But one fan said: “It’s lovely to see this, it’s a shame to see so many self-conscious girls in the comments. Men who love bellies exist, trust me.”

Sheyla Fong

Another curvy babe profiting from her generous assets is Sheyla Fong – who bags more than £100,000 a year selling sultry snaps.

The popular adult star boasts 1.2million Instagram followers and has been making X-rated content for five years.

And in 2020 she was quoted as saying: “It is a very new niche that is paying off on OnlyFans.

“I think the platform has room for everyone.”

Sheyla, from Miami, Florida, added: “I consider myself a feminist above all and I love to encourage and elevate women to learn their value.

"I also like to be encouraged to move forward and prepare for a better future."

Audrey Aura

Voluptuous Australian Audrey Aura is living the good life down under – by earning £21,000 a month flogging raunchy content.

And the blonde 23-year-old is often asked to “jiggle her fat” or to do naked jumping jacks by her loyal fans.

Despite the unusual requests, Audrey is embracing her profitable and provocative career.

She said: “It's given me the opportunity to embrace my body and have more confidence in myself and opened my eyes to see how many people have interest in plus size women.

“I was super surprised when my first custom request was simply a video of myself star-jumping, but nude.

“I was more than willing to comply…

“I think it's empowering to know that plus size people aren't always seen as disgusting, like society portrays us, and there are people who see us as beautiful and sexy.”

Mama Mamba

Curvaceous creator Mama Mamba was a go-go dancer in nightclubs before the pandemic inspired her to flaunt her assets online.

She had wanted to start an account for a long time and she exclusively told Daily Star: "The lockdown heavily affected my income as I was unable to perform, so my OnlyFans really helped boost my finances, and it meant I was able to continue to express my sexuality online instead of on stage.

"I'd been wanting to start an account for ages, but having a day job made it difficult to find the time to actually dedicate myself to it."

She also added: “The thing that attracts people to me the most is probably the size of my booty. I have my measurements in my bio because it’s a question I get asked a lot.

"Being a plus-sized creator is my niche, and my figure is what draws my audience in, so why not show that off?"

Mama Mamba is now in the top 0.02% on the platform and brags of being a “blue-haired Goddess, with a 59” a** that was made to be worshipped”.

And as for her body positive attitude, she said: “It’s not always been easy finding confidence as a plus-size woman. Self-love is definitely a journey and I’m still learning how to embrace my body entirely.

"I’m a strong believer of ‘fake it till you make it’ and that’s what I’ve been doing so far!

"It’s taken me 24 years to love and accept my plus size body, and I’m happy that I’m Now at a stage where I can use it to my advantage and make a profit from it!"

Danielle Gardiner

Although Danielle Gardiner is not stripping off on OnlyFans like the other women mentioned – she is still pocketing fortunes thanks to her curves.

The hot mum-of-two believes she would not make her current income of £10,000 a month if she was skinny.

Essex babe Danielle, 33, told Fabulous: “I get paid a fortune for being fat and I wouldn’t be modelling, or have 128,000 followers on Instagram, if I was slim. There are so many skinny models, I just wouldn’t have stood out.

“I charge around £650 for a modelling shoot and usually do around two a week.

“When I’ve modelled a bikini and shared photos on social media people have commented that I shouldn’t be wearing that for my size because I’m not ‘little or pretty’.

"I’ve been called a man, and told that I’m too fat to be modelling — all sorts.

“I couldn’t care less because my size is what makes me successful. I would never have made it as a model when I was a size 10."

Danielle is also an ambassador for Models of Diversity and has featured on body confidence workshops run by Miss Curvaceous UK.


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