I wanted cute orange and pink nails but ended up with such a bad set – people say I got the Wish version | The Sun

SHE saw a picture of a gorgeous set of pink and orange nails, and took them to her salon as her inspiration.

But Alex was left sorely disappointed with the results of her manicure, which she was quick to share on TikTok.

"Omfg," she captioned her video.

The clip began with a shot of the nails Alex had wanted – which featured neon orange and pink on the top and bottom of some of the talons, while the others were solid colours.

It then changed to show what Alex had ended up with, as she wrote: "This is what I got."

People were quick to weigh in on the nail disaster in the comments section of the video, with one writing: "You got the Wish version!"

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Wish is a mobile shopping app on which many people have famously received poor versions of the thing they'd ordered.

"You're joking!" another person commented.

To which Alex replied: "I wish I was!"

"Oh hell NO," someone else wrote.

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"Omg!" another comment read.

Others insisted that Alex should have refused to pay for the nails.

"Please tell me you didn’t pay for these!!!!" one wrote.

While another asked: "Did you pay?"

In answer to that question, Alex admitted she had asked the male manicurist to change them instead of paying for something she didn't want.

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