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KARDASHIAN fans have shared a wild theory about Kim's 'selfish' motive behind daughter North's new eccentric style.

Kim, 41, has been accused of acting as a momager to her children North, eight, Saint, six, Chicago, four, and Psalm, three, whom she shares with ex Kanye West, 45, by fans in the past.

Fans discussed the theory in a recent post on a popular Kardashians-dedicated Reddit board.

The post is titled, "Soft Launching North into being Kim's Stylist or Creative Designer".

In it, the Redditor expands on the idea of "Kim is slowly soft-launching North as some sort creative designer".

They continue that it's "not because she wants to see her succeed but because it fuels her obsession with being seen".


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The writer delves further into their theory adding, "Kim is in a flop era. Her wigs are dusty. Her clothing choice is dusty. Her life is dusty.

But every so often she will throw her North in the mix. North took my picture. North is sassy. North loves weird makeup. North picked [out] her clothes."

They continue the conjecture, writing that "she doesn’t do it all at once but she characterized her [daughter] as an eccentric child.

[And] lately, we’ve been getting a lot more of North fashion choices, which [are] arguably better than anything Kim can put together."

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The Redditor then states their hypothesis is full as they explain that "considering Kanye is no longer really giving his opinions on what [Kim] wears, she has resorted to taking North to Fashion shows under the guise of the child likes it and it fuels her creativity.

Meanwhile, Kim is waiting for the right moment to use the “North Styled me…” [or] North is my new stylist to stay relevant.

The writer concludes, saying that "basically [Kim] is using North’s creativity to stay relevant as she gets older".

More Kardashian fans gave their opinion of the Redditor's hot take in the commend thread of the post.

One person wrote, "I can see it. Maybe not yet but definitely in the future.'

While a second commented, "She is using North [for] more than just for her creativity. She is using [her] because she is a mini Ye and has the West name."

This isn't the first time Kardashian fans have accused Kim of using her kids to stay relevant.


A fan posted a similar theory to a popular Keeping Up With the Kardashians Reddit Board.

In it, the fan asked "Kim is a stage mom. Ultimately where will she fall on [the] stage mom spectrum?"

Kris Jenner, 66, is famous for her dedication and determination as a stage mom and eventual momager to her children.

Her stage mom instincts were on full display in an equally infamous KUWTK clip that showed Kris cheering her daughter Kim on from the sidelines as the SKIMS founder posed partially nude for a Playboy spread.

In the post, the fan explains how they believe Kim is already a stage mom like her own mother Kris but wants to know where other fans think Kim will land on the spectrum from


The fan starts by writing, "First off not all stage mothers are poor, conventionally unattractive unknowns."

"You can be beautiful and rich like Kim and still be a stage mom."

The Redditor continues, "Kim is using the kids and will continue to do so to fund her own lifestyle. Using them for attention [i.e.] using them for money because the latter equals the former."

"Also, stage moms pressure their kids to excel in things the stage mom decides the kid should excel in. I doubt Kimberly would be happy if North decides to live on a farm away from [the] spotlight or Chi to be a 1st-grade teacher."

The fan then adds, "Kim would probably be happy if North became a successful fashion designer, Chi a model, Saint an athlete, and Psalm a rapper. Lol"

The Redditor then adds a third reason to back their theory stating, "Another thing stage moms do is try to live vicariously through children".

"That's another reason I feel Kim would want her kids to be legit entertainers. She still is sensitive about being told she has no "talent" and she would like to experience that glory through her kids."


The fan then asks the other KUWTK Redditors, "In your opinion what type of stage mom will she be? The obvious answer would be like her own mom Kris, but who else?"

Redditors hurried to the comment thread to share their thoughts on Kim as a stage mom.

One fan wrote: "Kim is Kris 2.0, no doubt about it."

Another added: "I expect a dramatic increase and even more exposure for the Kim-Ye children as more years will pass on."

They continued: "Either a full-blown reality spin-off show focused on them or an eventual career in entertainment for the eldest ones."

A third person wrote: "I think Kim will push them into 'real' entertainment careers, not reality TV. She seems so insecure about her status because she has no real talent. I think she'll try to get her kids into acting or music to solidify their 'entertainer' brand."

Other Redditors disagreed with the theory with one writing: "I disagree that Kim is a stage mom. Does she use her kids for financial gain? Yes. But it’s more so to boost her own fame than to boost their fame individually. I don’t see her investing more time into someone else’s career than her own."

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Another doubted she'll be able to control all of the children the way the momager Kris does.

"I can see [Kim] would do that to Chi and Psalm (they look like sweet and obedient children) but not North and Saint. She doesn’t have Kris's charisma to control them."

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