Disgusting moment delivery driver is filmed scratching his bum

Yuck! Disgusting moment delivery driver is caught on video scratching his bum and smelling his fingers before handing over a £27 Indian takeaway curry to unsuspecting couple

  • The driver in Leeds was caught on the Ring doorbell at a customer’s house
  • Chelsea Kerr, 19, and Joe Pearson, 22, had just come home from holiday 
  • The couple said they threw the takeaway in the bin after just a few mouthfuls  
  • The restaurant said the driver ‘has not come out of his house’ since the incident

A video shows the shocking moment a delivery driver was caught scratching his bum and smelling his fingers before handing a food over to unsuspecting customers.

The Leeds driver was caught on a family’s Ring doorbell camera after a couple ordered an Indian to celebrate coming home from a holiday in Blackpool.  

Chelsea Kerr, 19, and partner Joe Pearson, 22, had nodded off while waiting for the arrival of their chicken bhuna, korma sauce and cheesy chips.

It took five minutes for Joe to answer the bell and accept the £27 delivery, unaware what was happening on the other side of the door.

Waitress Chelsea and labourer Joe only had a few mouthfuls before throwing the rest in the bin because they found the flavour revolting.

The delivery driver arrived on the doorstep of the house where Chelsea Kerr, 19, and Joe Pearson, 22, had fallen asleep after ordering their food 

The video footage captured on the home’s Ring doorbell shows the driver scratching his bum while he waited for the couple to answer the door 

Waitress Chelsea said the video of him smelling his fingers afterwards was ‘disgusting’, adding ‘in my job it would be a sackable offence’

The next day Chelsea’s mother checked the doorbell footage and was horrified to think her daughter and boyfriend might have eaten any of it.

Chelsea told the Sun: ‘We were asleep in bed. We had ordered a curry. It took us five minutes to get up and get the curry.

‘We did not notice he was scratching his bum. It was disgusting. Luckily, we did not eat it because it was too spicy anyway.

‘We ordered from the takeaway by mistake. I never usually order from there because the curries are horrible.

‘The whole thing was just horrible. When I spoke to the manager he said he was just going to let him off with a warning.

Chelsea said she was glad she and Joe threw the food away and avoided getting ill. She said: ‘I just do not want it to happen to anyone else’

Chelsea’s mother told her and her partner Joe about the incident after she checked the doorbell’s video 

‘He should be sacked. If we had ate it we could have been quite ill.. He was not even wearing gloves.

‘We sent the Ring video to the manager. He was fuming – but if he was that bothered he would have sacked the bloke.

‘My mum checked it and asked “Did you enjoy your curry last night?” I said we had two mouthfuls and chucked it in the bin.

‘The driver never apologised to us – only his boss. Not that I am bothered by an apology.

‘I just do not want it to happen to anyone else. In my job, it would be a sackable offence.’

The restaurant, called Shalamar in Town Street, Stanningley, Pudsey, Leeds, promises ‘contact free delivery’.

A spokesman for the restaurant, who would only give his first name Jay, said the man involved was a freelance delivery driver and a the video was misleading.

He added: ‘He is an old man who has depression. I spoke to the woman and apologised.

‘Our food is prepared and sealed before we sent it to them so how does it affect the food in anyway?

‘The poor lad has not come out of his house since that day. He was on anti depressants before. He cannot face the world now.

‘He has not put his hands down his trousers. He had an itch and scratched it and this has been blown out of all proportion.

‘He lost both parents to Covid and we pulled him out the rut. I I have a five star rating and my shop has been running for 40 years.’

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