Deborah James’ parents celebrate their daughter a week after her death | The Sun

DAME Deborah James' parents have celebrated their daughter a week after her death.

The 40-year-old had been living at her mum and dad's home after being moved to palliative care.

Campaigner and Sun writer Debs died on June 28, after raising £6.7million in her final days.

Just one of her legacies, the BowelBabe fund, has since shot up to £7.3m.

Debs was relentless in her drive to raise awareness and funds to help 'more Deborahs have more time'.

One of the contributors to the fund, had been through the sales of a rose named after the mum-of-two from the Harkness Rose Company.

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Yesterday at Hampton Court Palace Flower Show, Debs' mum Heather and dad Alistair raised a glass at the stand where the rose was on display.

The company said it had been 'lovely to welcome' them to see Deborah's rose.

The couple were pictured cheers-ing with a glass of bubbly.

Just days after Debs' death, the couple also shared a touching plea.

TO DONATE to the BowelBabe Fund visit

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On Heather’s Instagram @bowelgran – a nod to Deb’s own “Bowel Babe” nickname – the two clinked their glasses of red wine and looking lovingly into each other’s eyes.

The pair joined in with the trending “Raise a glass for Dame Debs” Instagram sticker, among thousands of others.

Deborah's parents had been with her every step of the way during her cancer journey and mum Heather last week said her heart was broken following her daughter's death.

Heather had previously congratulated her daughter after Tesco made a huge change to its loo roll in a bid to save millions.

The pair had also enjoyed a pint in the sunshine in front of the canal at a country pub in Woking days before Deborah's death.

In her final days, Debs praised her parents for always being there to prop her up.

Of her dad Alistair, Deborah said: “My dad is my unsung hero, more so than ever. He’s quietly there behind the scenes, making sure I am OK.

“He’s always been a very calming, loving presence in my life — he’s very good at handling me and all my craziness. His patience knows no bounds.”

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When she was in hospital for months at the beginning of the year, only her mum, Heather, was allowed to visit.

But it was dad Alistair who drove her in every day to make sure his daughter wasn’t alone.

Debs reflects: “It must’ve been horrible for him not being able to come and see me. I am his daughter too.

“It breaks my heart knowing they are having to watch this, I can’t imagine what it must feel like.”

After her passing last week, the team at Harkness Rose paid tribute to Deborah.

"Deborah was an inspiration to so many with her tireless campaigning to raise awareness of bowel cancer.

"She was most the remarkable, beautiful and brave soul you could ever wish to meet.

"We were honoured to have worked with her on the launch of her new rose and feel privileged that we could be a part of her journey.

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"Her legacy will live on and because of her, many lives will be saved."

Mum-of-two Deborah, known as BowelBabe to her legions of Instagram fans, was diagnosed with incurable bowel cancer just days before Christmas in 2016, at the age of 35.

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