Woman makes terrifying discovery in her suitcase after returning home from holiday in Cyprus | The Sun

A YOUNG woman made the most terrifying discovery when she unpacked her suitcase following a holiday on the Mediterranean Island of Cyprus.

Unknown to the holidaymaker, an unwelcome guest had decided to return to Britain in her luggage before she had the scary surprise as she tipped her washings out of her luggage.

In a video uploaded to TikTok, user Georgia Sinclair films her colleague, who is seen on the phone allegedly ringing the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA).

"Hi RSPCA, I think I may have brought a tarantula in my suitcase home with me from Cyprus," the young woman says in the video, which has already amassed 820,000 views.

The chilling video then goes on to show a pile of clothes, from which emerges a huge black tarantula – Europe's largest spider.

The spider is then seen crawling on the clothes before disappearing behind what appears to be a domestic appliance.


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The viral footage, which comes with "trigger warning" for spiders, sparked a flurry of comments online.

User Charlotte Emily shared a similar story: "In Cyprus my mum found one sitting on her shoulder and screamed so loudly that the hotel staff thought she was being assaulted."

Another user, nilfgaardianlemon, also had a return-from-holiday nightmare.

"We had this! bought one back from Fuerteventura! My grandad killed it with a stiletto!!!," he said.

Larissa Rossiter, meanwhile, said she would burn every item in case the tarantula laid eggs.

Other users questioned whether Cyprus was known for housing the hairy spiders – which are harmless to humans expect for their painful bites.

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"Hang on, they have tarantulas in Cyprus?! That’s off the list," Leanne S, said.

"Maybe we shouldn’t book that holiday to Cyprus," a user said, while user Dicko said: "Not me being in Cyprus suddenly learning there’s tarantulas here".

"Umm but no, I’d genuinely have a heart attack and die," Elli Lloyd added.

There were helpful comments from spider lovers, however, with many suggesting Miss Sinclair and her friend contacted a spider group in the UK.

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Stephanie said: "If it was closer, I'd add him to my collection" as a tarantula keeper called Abz said she was keen to adopt the creeper.

There are two native species of tarantulas in Cyprus – Chaetopelma olivaceum and Chaetopelma karlamani (the Cyprus Tarantula).

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