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KNOWING how to dress for your own personal body type can make a huge difference in your wardrobe choices.

TikToker and fashion expert Peach uploaded a video with an outfit suggestion for those who have an apple-shaped body type.

She starts her video off by spinning around in front of the camera to showcase exactly where all her curves are.

Next, she holds up a high-waisted skirt with buttons down the center.

The skirt is simple, black, and pleated.

After pulling it on over her thighs and stomach, she holds up a long-sleeve pink bodysuit.

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Once the pink bodysuit is pulled on, more of its overall details are revealed.

The bodysuit has two crisscross pieces of fabric above her chest for added flare and verticle seams sewn over each breast.

Since the pink bodysuit connects between legs, it tucks in perfectly beneath her skirt.

Peach’s caption on the video says: “Don’t let your weight or shape define your style."

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Another video from Peach’s TikTok reveals a second outfit for apple-shaped body types.

She tries on a cream-colored dress with a chest-less blazer that buttons up over the stomach area.

The third outfit she tries on is a high-waisted pencil skirt with built-in shorts underneath.

She pairs it with four different tops that all match well.

The first top she adds to the mix is a long-sleeve blazer with silver straps across the chest.

The second top is a white tank top underneath a flannel cardigan.

The third top is a loose-fitting sweatshirt over a collared T-shirt.

The fourth top is a basic white tank top underneath a large black blazer with pockets.

Another outfit Peach tries on for apple body types is a black and white dress with a design sewn to create the imagery of an hourglass figure.

Over 10,000 people have responded in her comment section with their opinions.

One person wrote: “You are so gorgeous – and that outfit? Slay!"

“I love your channel. Thank you for all the wonderful content!" someone else posted.

A third person added: “This is literally the best thing I’ve seen on the internet all week. Thank you, sis. You have no idea how inspiring this is."

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“I don’t even have this body type, but I’m still wearing that outfit," someone else chimed in.

Another TikToker commented: “Yes! I’ve been looking for tips like this for a long time. More advice please!"

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