My easy $1 cooking hack will make grilling hotdogs for a BBQ so much easier this July 4th | The Sun

SUMMER sunshine calls for homemade lemonade and throwing classics on the barbecue.

Life hacker Virginia Lane has detailed how to elevate your hotdog cooking strategy, and it will only take a simple update.

"Cooking for a crowd? I have a grilling hack for you," the woman began her Instagram reel.

To try out the magic method, you're going to put skewers through the sides of your hotdogs to make grilling them less of a hassle.

Using the skewers, you can now tend to your hotdogs with one quick flip.

If you're looking for more barbecuing hacks, Lane also revealed a foolproof way for keeping your burgers juicy on the grill.

You'll need to grab some beef stock, A-1 sauce, and an ice cube tray.

In an Instagram reel sharing the process, she said: “Let me show you how to keep your burgers juicy and delicious on the grill.

“Grab an ice tray and place one tablespoon of beef stock, half a teaspoon of A-1 and stir.”

Once the seasoning combo is all placed in the ice tray, you're good to go. Throw it into the freezer and leave it in for a few hours.

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Now you'll have fully frozen cubes that are ready to go in your burgers.

Lane instructed: “Mold a cube in the center of the burger.”

You'll then cook and serve up your burgers per usual, the secret ingredient doing its thing behind the scenes.

“Season to your liking and grill – you’ll have the juiciest burgers in town," Lane concluded.

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