Love Island 2022 RECAP: Gemma & Luca get steamy in hideaway as TWO Islanders to be dumped before Casa Amor RETURNS | The Sun

LOVE Island fans were left on a cliffhanger as two islanders were revealed to be getting dumped in tonight's episode.

In last night's Love Island episode Paige Thorne received a text letting the group know that the least compatible pairing, as voted for by the ITV-viewing public, was at risk of going home.

The Islanders at risk of being dumped are: Andrew, Tasha, Jay, Antigoni, Danica and Charlie.

Fans have also been going wild as it has been revealed that Casa Amor will be returning soon.

Elsewhere, Jay received a text saying the sexy bedroom is open and the Islanders all agreed it was time for dressage rider Gemma and Luca to have some fun.

Speaking in the Beach Hut, an excited Gemma said: “Finally! I feel like it has been a long time coming. So nice it’s just gonna be us two. I’m just buzzing.”

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    How can I watch Love Island 2022?

    Love Island can be watched live on ITV2 and the ITV Hub.

    A new episode will air every night at 9pm Sunday to Friday.

    On Saturday nights there will be a highlights episode, which will also air unseen footage from the villa.

    And on Sundays, Laura Whitmore will host Aftersun with a panel of experts after the main show airs.

    What is Casa Amor in Love Island?

    It has been at the epicentre of some of the juggernaut programme’s most explosive scenes in previous years.

    It sees producers take half of the contestants to a rival villa where they are introduced a whole new set of Islanders, in the hope they will stray.

    Casa Amor is the ultimate test for the Love Island couples as viewers discover whether the contestants will choose to stay or stray.

    The Sun revealed how the controversial second villa will be introduced on July 4, 2022.

    It usually sees sees the lads shipped off to a separate luxury bolthole, which is then filled with six new single female contestants.

    Meanwhile, the girls stay in the main villa to see if they have their heads turned by new boys.

    • Louis Allwood

      What does Casa Amor mean?

      Casa Amor means Love House in Spanish.

      The name was chosen as Love Island is filmed in Majorca, Spain.

      The second villa was introduced to the show in its third series in 2017.

      It has certainly added some spice and unmissable drama to the show over the years.

    • Louis Allwood

      Love Island fans go wild as Casa Amor is revealed

      LOVE Island sensationally opened Casa Amor for business – with a sign to the separate villa shown lighting up at the end of tonight's episode.

      Fans went wild as the word 'Casa' in neon came to life, spelling trouble for all of the villa's established couples.

      Voiceover man Iain Stirling delivered the news, saying: "The wait is over. Casa Amor is coming."

      A video package then showed a camera swooping through the villa as ominous music played.

      One fan raved: "I’m not going out tomorrow night..It’s casa amor bayyyy-beeeeeeee."

      Another predicted is was bad news for one couple, writing: "Tasha and Andrews final downfall is gonna be casa amor!"

    • Louis Allwood

      Viewers shocked when Paige stops Danica and Indiyah joining girl's chat

      Some have branded Paige the "mean girl" of the villa, while others criticised her for sticking with Jacques after he told her to "f*** off".

      While discussing the recent recoupling drama, Danica and Indiyah tried to join the conversation but Paige politely asked them if they could wait and then have a "catch up" later on.

      But fans weren't happy and took to Twitter to air their opinions.

      One said: "My opinion of Paige has done a 180 over these past few days. I hate cliquey/mean girl s*** #LoveIsland."

      Another wrote: "Paige stuck to a man who disrespected her but turns away Danica and Indiyah from the girls chat?

      "Since then my opinion on her has changed. #Love Island."

      A third said: "Paige needs to watch her mf mouth when she's talking to our queens!!! Same girl sitting on Jacques's lap while he called her pathetic. #LoveIsland."

    • Louis Allwood

      Fans call out Jacques ‘nasty’ and ‘manipulative behaviour

      ITV also received 75 complaints about him bullying Ekin-Su, calling her a f****** headache.

      He also called Gemma a clown, Paige pathetic and told both girls to fuck off.

      Ex Islander Remi also put Jacques on blast, saying he is a bully and his behaviour made Remi’s time on the show “s***”.

      One fan Tweeted: “Good morning, Jacques is in an incel and I’m begging Paige to shine her eyes to these red flags. He’s very very scary.”

      Another wrote: “I believe everything Remi said about Jacques being a bully and its shocking that more people dont see how terrible he is. Look at how casually he called paige pathetic and told her to eff off #LoveIsland.”

      A third said: “Jacques has got Paige right where he wants her. With manipulation, fake ‘opening up’ and knocking down her confidence also.

      “Like when she was feeling herself he had a strop and she was reeled back in. Very scary behaviour #loveisland.”

    • Louis Allwood

      Love Island’s Amy Hart reveal shock health scare

      LOVE Island's Amy Hart has revealed a shock health scare after doctors discovered a 'parasite' in her stomach.

      The 29-year-old, who shot to fame on the fifth series of the ITV2 dating show in 2019, shared the news on her Instagram story on Wednesday.

      The reality star went to a kinesiologist for advice after one of her friend's told her that she's had amazing results.

      Kinesiologists are professionals that use biofeedback to find any imbalances in the body.

      After the appointment Amy shared the results with her 1.1m followers.

      Amy told fans: "So it turns out I have a parasite in my, I think my, bladder. She’s said she is going to send me the full breakdown. 

      "Parasite in my system. I have high levels of toxic metal and I’m allergic to soy. No more soy sauce. How am I ever going to eat sushi again?

      "And the parasite is feeding off of dairy, pork and obviously gelatin. So I can’t have those for six weeks."

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      Love Island’s Laura Whitmore has appeared for just 14 minutes all series

      Love Island host Laura Whitmore has featured for less than 14 minutes this series — despite being thought to earn £600,000 to present the show.

      So far, 1,610 minutes of footage — almost 27 hours — has been broadcast from the villa at this halfway point and fans want to see more of the Irish presenter.

      Laura, 37, has appeared on the main show for just 13 minutes and 26 seconds — or just 0.8 per cent of the action — up until last night’s show.

      It means she has so far been paid some £744 a second for her work on the main ITV2 programme.

      Four contestants have already been dumped from the villa after public votes — opportunities where, in the past, Laura or former host the late Caroline Flack had held court on screen.

      This year, the procedure has been handled through text messages. Laura’s absence has not gone unnoticed.

      One fan, Mimi, wrote online: “Where is Laura? All of this texting looks stupid.”

      Daniel added: “I’d love to have Laura Whitmore’s job. We haven’t seen her since episode one.”

    • Louis Allwood

      Danica Taylor looks unrecognisable with curly hair and makeup free in throwback

      LOVE Island’s Danica Taylor certainly tried out a few looks before going into the Love Island villa.

      The 21-year-old ‘bombshell’ from Leicester is seen with curly hair in an old Instagram snap.

      She captioned the post, which has been liked hundreds of times: “I suppose this is my beach hair💆.”

      Another old snap shows Danica with blonde hair as she posed grinning in a red top.

      Speaking about the festival she was heading to, she posted the snap with the caption: “My face knowing that I’ll be at Creamfields tomo.”

      The half-British, half-Jamaican stunner found herself caught in controversy on last night’s episode of Love Island.

    • Louis Allwood

      Two Islanders will leave tomorrow night

      But that is not the most exciting news.

      CASA AMOR returns soon!

    • Louis Allwood

      Two will go!

      The girls will be deciding what boy goes home and the boys will decide what girl goes home.

    • Louis Allwood

      The final three couples are now vulnerable

      What happens now?

      One boy and one girl will be leaving!

    • Louis Allwood

      The fourth couple saved are…

      Davide and Ekin-Su!

    • Louis Allwood

      The third couple saved are…

      Luca and Gemma!

    • Louis Allwood

      The second couple saved are…

      Jacques and Paige!

    • Louis Allwood

      The first couple saved are…

      Dami and Indyah!

    • Louis Allwood

      Who have the public voted for?

      Time to find out.

      It could be anyone.

    • Louis Allwood

      Who will be going tonight?

      Paige has revealed that the public have been voting for the most compatible couple.

      The text reads that “those with the fewest votes risk being dumped from the Island tonight.” 

    • Louis Allwood

      Here we go!

      Andrew has received a text asking all Islanders to gather at the fire pit. 

      Tensions are building.

    • Louis Allwood

      The islanders are enjoying their night

      Jay has said he is just waiting for someone knew to come into the villa.

    • Louis Allwood

      Ekin-Su stops Davide from talking to give him a kiss

      Could the couple be back and stronger than ever before.

      Only time will tell.

    • Louis Allwood

      Some serious chat

      Davide has opened up and revealed he wants to take Ekin-Su to Italy.

    • Louis Allwood

      Davide makes his way to Ekin-Su's mouth

      But it's not for a kiss!

      Davide has just fed Ekin-Su some cheese.

    • Louis Allwood

      Time for a drink

      After washing themselves down the pair head off for a more romantic chat and a drink.

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