The View host Whoopi Goldberg shocks fans as she abruptly pauses show during live interview in new on-air blunder | The Sun

WHOOPIE Goldberg has shocked fans of The View fans by abruptly halting the show during an interview on Wednesday's episode.

The host had an on-air blunder when she messed up Chloe Fineman's name during her introduction.

The View is currently filming in the Bahamas to kick off the Summer.

After having some fun in the sun, the hosts sat at the table for interviews and Whoopie introduced the next guest.

Saturday Night Live's Chloe Fineman appeared on the show after clips from the late-night show aired.

Whoopie introduced her as Chloe Fin-a-man and said "she could pretty much be the entire cast of SNL… if she wanted."


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"And she's also a scene-stealer in the reboot of Father of the Bride, please welcome Chloe Fine-a-man," she continued.

The actress was seated on a bench just feet away from the hosts, sipping on an alcoholic drink, and got up and waved after she was introduced.

As she walked over to the table, the crowd cheered and she sat down.

"I'm going to say your name again because I said Fine-a-man and it's Fineman," Whoopi explained to the actress.

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Chloe was very understanding and nodded.

"That's ok. It almost reads like Fin-a-man (Cinnamon with an 'F'), so," she told the host.

"Well, I almost went there, but I didn't. Anyway, Chloe's here," Whoopi said.

The SNL comedian just brushed it off and waved.

However, the host couldn't let it go and brought it up again later in her interview.

After telling her she needs to come co-host with them next time, Whoopi said, "Our thanks to Chloe FINEMAN."

She emphasized her name and put her hands up while the comedian just laughed it off.


However, that wasn't the only mishap the host suffered during that episode.

At the end of Chloe's interview, Whoopi delivered the outro.

"The Father of the Bride is now streaming on HBO Max and season 48 of Saturday Night Live kicks off this Fall," she told the audience.

"And we of course will be right back," she ended.

As she told the camera they'll be back a gust of wind came and hit the table.

It sent her cue cards flying all over.

"Ah snap," she cursed as the paper hit her coffee mug before cameras cut to commercials.


Even earlier in the episode, the women interviewed Marvel's Simu Liu.

The audience went wild as the 33-year-old appeared on stage wearing an unbuttoned shirt to expose his chiseled abs.

Even as Simu took his seat next to Whoopi and the rest of The View's panel, the audience kept cheering louder and louder, causing the moderator to intervene.

“Alright now! Alright now!” Whoopi hollered.

She continued to scold the audience saying, "He is not going home with anybody here – okay?"

Simu and the other panelists laughed as they began their discussion, but the audience kept whooping loudly as he gave his answers.

Meanwhile, 79-year-old host Joy Behar was equally enamored with the shirtless guest.

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While hosting in the Bahamas, Whoopi has suffered multiple on-air blunders and outbursts.

The View is currently broadcasting from the Bahamas to celebrate the 25th season of ABC’s daytime mainstay.

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