Woman with high risk pregnancy rages as husband wont cancel trip to be with her

Going through a pregnancy can be tough for many parents.

But some who are facing a high risk might need their partners with them at all times.

Now one woman is dealing with that exact dilemma as her husband has to leave her for 10 days.

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The partner is planning an all-expenses paid trip with his colleagues, while his wife will stay at home with their toddler.

Posting on Reddit's "Am I The A**hole" forum, she explained what was happening and asked for advice.

She said her partner is due to travel for 10 days while she'd be 32/33 weeks pregnant.

The mum said: "Although I would love for him to go and have fun, there's several reasons why I'm not feeling good about him going."

She said her pregnancy is high risk and she'd be looking after their toddler while he's away.

Also they recently moved to another continent and have no support network, while he's away for 10 days.

He'd be 15 hours away when she hits her 32-week mark with a higher risk of getting pre-eclampsia.

She added: "Although I don't want to be the one telling him he can't go, I've mentioned that I feel uncomfortable with him going.

"He says he feels bad for going but does not consider cancelling.

"Am I the a**hole for making him feel bad for going on this trip? Or is he a**hole for putting it over his wife and children's wellbeing?"

People told the woman she was not in the wrong for wanting the support of her husband while she's pregnant.

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One said: "If he doesn't reconsider this trip and stay home, I would be reconsidering the whole marriage!"

Another added: "If your husband is still planning on going on this trip, regardless of risk to you and baby, then he's the a**hole.

"And you need to remind him that right now, you're the priority, not a European holiday. Put your foot down."

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