Kendall Jenner's exact exercise regime revealed by trainer including the model's go-to ab burn | The Sun

HAVE you ever wondered how to achieve washboard abs like Kendall Jenner?

The stunning model’s exercise routine has been revealed, including the details of how she gets her abs burning during workout sessions.

Gunnar Peterson is the name of Kendall's personal trainer, according to a fitness-centered site called Rachael Attard.

Not only does Gunnar help Kendall achieve body goals, but he’s also worked with her famous sisters.

Some of his other celebrity clients include the likes of Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Lopez.

Gunnar revealed that Kendall focuses on a combination of high intensity, movement, and strength workouts to look as amazing as she does.

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Working out first thing in the morning is something Kendall prefers, which means her workouts typically start around 7 am.

Interestingly enough, she doesn't spend more than an hour on her daily workouts.

Whenever Kendall is working on moves in the gym, she alternates between exercises for about 30 seconds at a time before starting whatever's next.

Kickboxing exercises are also a part of the deal if you want to achieve a body like Kendall.

In terms of weight lifting management, Gunnar ensures that Kendall is capable of doing at least nine reps of each movement.

Another tip Gunnar revealed is that it’s important to work out regularly and on schedule.

Keep in mind that Kendall meets up with Gunnar to train for a minimum of five days per week when she isn’t traveling the globe.

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You know you’re targeting your abs in a healthy way if you can feel them slightly burning during your workout.

Kendall‘s abs look as tight and toned as they do thanks to a variation of plank positions and other ab exercises that create balance, according to her trainer.

Planks are known to create a burning sensation in your abs when you hold the position long enough.

Heat-infused workouts, such as hot yoga, are also part of Kendall’s fitness routine.

To top it all off, basic cardio is another one of her go-to methods during a typical exercise session.

Exercise gets you quite far in the world of weight loss, but following the proper diet plan is also extremely important.

Although Kendall is known to occasionally skip breakfast, she still makes healthy choices whenever she does eat it.

Avocado with eggs on toast is one of her top meals, and so is a fruit bowl with Greek yogurt.

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When lunchtime comes around, Kendall can rely on veggies, rice, and chicken to keep her full.

For dinner, Kendall eats out once or twice a week with her friends enjoying meals such as vegan spaghetti or sushi.

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