I’m young & have never had kids but already have saggy boobs – people always comment on my body with five basic remarks | The Sun

A YOUNG woman with saggy boobs has gone viral after revealing the five comments people always tell her.

Boobs – whether they're big, on the smaller side, plump or saggy – are the one body part people always seem to comment on no matter what, and no one knows it better than this woman.

The award-winning freelance model, who goes by the username Sp1cy Mamii on social media, took it to TikTok to reveal the things she hears about her breasts, which she has compared to Cocker Spaniel's ears.

In the now viral video, which has taken the internet by storm, racking up more than 40,000 views in less than a day, Sp1cy Mamii could be seen showing off her best dance moves in a bra and high-waisted shorts.

As she danced, the blonde stunner said that people will often wonder if she's already had kids – something that many associate with saggy boobs.

The second remark the young model will hear about her body and boobs is: ''Damn, they're so long.''

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Another comment involves her outfit of the day, with a guy speculating the reasons she's chosen to wear certain type of clothing.

''Are you wearing cow print trousers because they match your udders?'' a random bloke on Snapchat once asked her.

''I blocked him soon after. I just don’t get it.''

Others have deemed it necessary to warn Sp1cy Mamii about what the future might hold, when gravity kicks in even more.

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''They will be touching your belly button soon love.''

Last but certainly not least is someone suggesting the model hit the gym more to give her boobs a perkier appearance.

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''Have you tried chest exercises?''

Continuing in the comments, the woman said that the ''saddest thing is that most of these comments came from men''.

''But if someone said any of these comments to their gf/sis/mum they would be throwin hands [sic].

''Men aren’t being taught that this is natural and not every female can have perky ones.''

Some shocked, viewers took it to comments to share their thoughts.

''so you actually have the same thing as me, it's not sag it's a genuine shape difference that just happens to be common to larger chests,'' wrote one.

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Another woman added: ''lol heard most of them from my own mother.''

A third was wondering: ''Chest exercises?? Do people really think you can tone breast tissue?!''

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