I'm a cleaning pro – the surprising uses of YOGURT for everything from blocked drains to polishing jewelry | The Sun

YOGURT is filled with rich nutrients that help boost your immune system and aid digestion, but that's not all.

Even if you're lactose intolerant, this healthy snack is well worth investing in as it can be used to clean your home.

The experts at First For Women have shared some additional uses for yogurt, including its various uses as a cleaning product.

The tasty pro-biotic has many cleaning uses, such as brightening up your jewelry.

From turquoise to ivory, this natural polishing hack is a gentle alternative to chemical cleaners.

The protein found in yogurt is absorbed by these jewels and stones, enhancing their shine.

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Gently rub a teaspoon of yogurt onto your jewelry, then wipe clean with a soft cloth.

Yogurt can also be used to treat your tarnished copper cookware.

If you notice some wear on your copper pot, simply add a dollop of yogurt onto the affected areas and wait five minutes before rinsing under cool water.

You can then use a soft cloth to buff the area dry.

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The acids in the yogurt will tackle the cause of the stain by helping to break down the dark copper oxide, leaving the pot shining.

You can also use yogurt to unclog drains in your home, according to experts and plumbers!

Simply pour a cup of plan yogurt down the drain and let it sit overnight.

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In the morning, pour a kettle of boiling water down the drain.

The enzymes found in yogurt will dissolve the build-up in your drain and the water will rinse any remaining residue away.

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