7 best face fake tans in 2022 for a natural-looking glow – for pale skin, dry skin or quick results

There’s no denying the instant pick-me-up that a golden glow can give your complexion, making you look fresher, healthier and even younger. The safest way to give your face a natural-looking bronzed look is by staying in the shade and using a good SPF – and instead apply one of these best fake tans for the face.

From drops and mists to creams and serums, there’s a facial self tan to suit everybody. Here are the ones that impressed us and our panel of Beauty Edit testers…

Best facial fake tans to shop in 2022

Best fake tan for pale skin

Crazy Angel Tanning Drops, £15 here

Beauty Edit tester Emma says: “Finally I’ve found a product that gives me that effortless glow. I am naturally very pale and I've searched high and low for a tanning product that doesn't give me an artificial orange look. This has worked wonders. It left me feeling amazing, and I had a lot of people say how healthy my skin was looking. I feel like this product is underpriced for how great it is.” 5/5

Best fake tan for custom tanning

Skinny Tan Face Tanning Wonder Drops, £13.30 here

Beauty Edit tester Andrea says: “I love these as I can use them with my normal dry skin SPF50 moisturiser, so I know I’m giving myself the ideal anti-wrinkle care, but with the added bonus of glow. The drops are great because you can add more to be bronzed, and less for a peachy hue. I’ve also tried it all over my body and it’s great for that too. No streaks, easy to customise and no biscuit whiff.” 5/5

Best fake tan for quick application

Watermans Facial Tan Spritz, £13.99 here

Beauty Edit tester Nicola says: “The scent of coconut was just divine. It was easy to use, and I liked the spray rather than using fingers to apply. It didn't streak, felt lightweight, wasn’t sticky and dried quickly once sprayed. I noticed that my skin looked healthy and radiant, and I was told I looked fresh and tanned.” 5/5

Best fake tan for a filter-like effect

Filter by Molly Mae Tanning Drops, £24.99 here

Beauty editor Laura says: “This has quite a thick, syrupy consistency that gives whatever skincare product you’re adding it into a nice extra hydration boost, and the resulting colour is indeed very skin-perfecting and ‘filter-like’ the next morning. A word of advice for those with pale skin: don’t be put off by the tiny amount of product the pipette sucks up and be tempted to add in extra measures – four drops is the perfect amount for fair complexions.” 4/5

Best fake tan for a deep colour

Three Warriors Face Tan Aqua Mist, £32 here

Beauty Edit tester Lucy says: “You’ll need to rub this in after applying as this sprays out more like a shower head than a light mist! It gave me a deep face tan after a couple of hours though, so it’s excellent for a quick fix, and my friends complimented me on how tanned I looked. Overall I do look like I've been in the sun, with a decent glow which is definitely noticeable.” 4/5

Best fake tan with skincare benefits

Tan-Luxe The Crème, £29.95 here

Beauty Edit tester Liz says: “I loved this. This delivered a golden, even colour, and I got lots of comments! Several people asked me if I had been away, as I had "a lovely colour", and my mum asked to borrow it. It has converted me to using a separate face self tanner – I could really tell the difference. Body tanners tend to look too fake on the face, but this one was really natural. It also contained lots of ingredients specifically designed for the face, so I knew it was doing my skin some good at the same time as boosting my colour.” 5/5

Best fake tan for buildable glow

Bare by Vogue Williams Face Tanning Serum, £25 here

Beauty director Lynne says: “This features hyaluronic acid, which does a great job of balancing out the drying effects of DHA. It’s a gradual tan, but, being pale (and impatient), I find the darkest of the three shades gives me a nice visible hit of healthy colour from one application. It’s a clear formula (i.e. pillow-safe if I want to wear it overnight) and it’s a great addition to my regime every few days.” 5/5

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