Why Fans Thought Hopper Was Dead at the End of "Stranger Things" Season 3

By the time we finished watching the third season of “Stranger Things” way back in 2019, we were left scratching our heads about a few major questions. For instance, why have Eleven’s powers forsaken her? Are there any rats left in Hawkins? And how is Max going to explain Billy’s bizarre death to her parents?! But above all those was a much more devastating question: is Jim Hopper dead?

Fortunately, on Feb. 14, Netflix finally answered that question once and for all with an intense teaser that revealed that Jim is, in fact, alive. (TBH, we always figured he wasn’t dead. The real shock was that he’s now bald.) The quick clip shows him in Russia, working with fellow prisoners while armed authorities oversee them.

The first half of season four, which was released on May 27, follows Hopper as he struggles to survive in a Russian prison, and his survival and escape attempts is a major storyline. For anyone who needs a refresher on how Hopper wound up imprisoned by the Russians in the first place, let’s review what initially led Hopper to his big life-or-death moment and eventual capture.

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