Photo Surfaces of Mike Pence Hiding from Rioters During Capitol Attack

A new photo has emerged from the January 6th insurrection, one that shows then-VP Mike Pence hiding away as rioters stormed the Capitol, chanting about killing him.

The pic shows Pence and his family seeking refuge in his ceremonial office — not far from the Senate floor — second lady Karen Pence shuts the curtains as they shelter in place.

The photo was snapped just a few minutes after the Capitol was breached … and as many started chanting “Hang Mike Pence.” The Pence family was taken to a loading dock under the building not long after.

Pence and his daughter, Charlotte, eventually returned to the Capitol when the dust settled, and continued to work on his speech for when Congress reconvened.

As we reported, former President Donald Trump seemingly defended the insurrectionists that had it out for his VP, claiming they were understandably angry.

He claimed he wasn’t worried about the Veep’s safety at the time, telling ABC’s Jonathan Karl, “I thought he was well-protected and I had heard he was in good shape.”

Trump chalked the “Hang Mike Pence” stuff to common sense — calling the guy out for passing what he believed was a fraudulent vote to Congress, AKA certifying Biden.

The House select committee continues its hearings Thursday … looking to prove Trump was at the center of the attack on January 6th.

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