People left stunned after spotting VERY unusual passenger in the cabin mid-flight | The Sun

PASSENGERS on a recent flight were left very stunned by a certain traveller in their cabin.

A recent video caught the moment a cat was spotted in the cabin, much to the surprise of everyone on board.

The cat, which appeared to be a Bengal, was spotted walking along the top of the plane seat headrests on a Delta flight.

A number of passengers were seen filming the cat, who looked very confused.

One man started petting the cat in the video at the end.

The video, posted on Tiktok, has been liked more than 429,000 times.

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Ashley McCormick, who posted the video, explained that it had escaped from first class, and said: "Owner got up and grabbed him easily once we were allowed up."

Some people weren't fans of the video, citing allergies as a reason – one said: "I'd die if this happened to me. I'm so allergic to cats."

Another person agreed: "I’d be in hell the entire duration of the flight."

However, others said they would have loved to have been on this flight.

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Someone wrote: "I would be psyched to have a cat sit on my lap in a plane."

Another added: "I would just want to calm Kitty down. Little rascal is probably scared out of her wits."

It's not the only weird animal that has been spotted on a plane.

One woman was spotted carrying a peacock with her while boarding a flight.

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Another passenger spotted a horse sitting calmly at the front of the plane during their flight.

Airlines have now cracked down on emotional support animals, with many US flights only allowing service dogs on planes.

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