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ABIGAIL has been declared dead on Days of Our Lives, but fans have started speculating that she isn’t really gone for good.

Viewers have started sharing their theories that Abby is still alive after spotting new clues.

At the very end of Friday's episode, Abigail Deveraux (played by Marci Miller) was discovered unconscious by her husband Chad.

She wasn't moving and was bleeding out from a stab wound to her stomach.

During Monday's Days of Our Lives, fans learned she was officially being deemed dead.

Viewers were left furious by the news that Abby, a legacy character, was killed off the show.

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Now, though, some are speculating that she isn't actually dead.

Fans are sharing their theories about how the character could still be alive, and pointing out a few clues along the way.

One fan had some fun with the detective work and theorized: “What if the ‘They’ are Andre and Stefan. 

“They stagged it to look like Abby died but that's not really Abby that Chad found murdered.”

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They added: “What if the 2 evil Dimera brothers kidnapped Abby to get back at Chad and Abby. 

“I've heard rumors they are both coming back alive.”

Another suggested for the show: “Hopefully, Abigail is pregnant. 

“Imagine her popping back up alive in a year or so with amnesia and thinking the newborn she has is hers with her ‘husband,’ who’s really Peter Blake.”

A third tweeted: “I hope 1 year from now, Abigail will revealed alive on DiMera island.”

Others shared a photo of actress Marci back on the DAYS set and speculated that it could mean she’s filming new scenes for the show.

While some explained that she was there do to interviews for her Daytime Emmys 2022 nominations, others pointed out that it looked like she was in Abby attire.

“It looks like Marci Miller is back on set and filming for #Days right now,” one wrote. “We will see what happens during November Sweeps month.”

They added: She might be back as a ghost. Or she is revealed to be alive. We will find out eventually.”

A second said: “So either Marci came in specifically to shoot that emmy content or shes back filming and will be alive in 6 months.”

Marci started in the role in 2016 before taking a couple-year hiatus as previous Abby actress Kate Mansi returned to the gig from 2018 to 2020.

Following her DAYS departure, Marci came back to DOOL and had been playing the role ever since.

Though fans think there's a good chance Abby will pop back up, alive, on the show real soon, head writer on DAYS, Ron Carlivati, told Soap Opera Digest that they shouldn't get their hopes up too high.

He shared of how they went about the character's death: "This is not going to be an instance of the car going off the cliff and you don’t see the person again.

"This is going to feel permanent and we wrote it as permanent.”

They chose to kill Abby off after actress Marci decided not to sign a new full-time contract and would be leaving.

He explained: “For us and for the audience, it’s always heartbreaking for a character to die because we love these characters, and they are part of our lives and part of our family.

"Even though it’s fictional, it hurts anytime we kill somebody.

"In this instance, it was mostly for a practical reason because Marci was not going to be available to us full-time on contract and it made it challenging to tell story for Chad and Abigail."

Ron continued: 'So we didn’t really have the option to have Abigail around, and then that always becomes a problem when one-half of a couple is not going to be available to you.

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"What’s the solution at that point?

“…So again, your options become very limited and one option, of course, is for the character to die, which does ultimately free up the other person.” 

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