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IMRAN Habeeb died of a heart attack after being involved in a car crash – but was it really an accident?

The police seem to be closing in on Toyah Battersby this week. Here's what you need to know about all the upcoming Corrie drama.

1. Imran's funeral takes place

In a shocking reversed redemption arc, Charlie De Melo has bowed out of the cobbles as his character Imran Habeeb faced a sudden death.

The solicitor succumbed to a heart attack after saving his wife Toyah's (portrayed by Georgia Taylor) life from a car wreck.

Paramedics were unable to resuscitate him on the scene and the police have since been investigating his death, believing the Habeebs' crash to be anything but accidental.

This week, however, Imran's loved ones gather round for his funeral – which includes his widow Toyah despite her being arrested in recent scenes of the Manchester-based soap.

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Coming up, Toyah delivers a heartfelt eulogy in front of fellow residents, claiming she wishes Imran had survived the crash instead of her.

Meanwhile, Adam Barlow (Sam Robertson) and Alya Nazir (Sair Khan) look sceptical during her speech.

The sombre ceremony ends and Peter Barlow (Chris Gascoyne) tells Toyah she could have a reason to be worried as he lets her know about Adam's allegation.

Peter then asserts he has also been questioned by the police about Susie and Toyah's desperation for a baby.

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Corrie fans may remember how Toyah was almost able to fulfil her dream of having a family when she was still romantically involved with Peter as the pair were close to taking in Susie Price, the daughter of Aidan Connor and Eva Price.

This didn't pan out, however, notably following Aidan Connor's suicide, as Eva and Susie left the cobbles for France.

2. Toyah comes clean

Viewers already know Toyah was behind the wheel when she had another heated argument about Imran's recent unlawful actions.

The solicitor had a crisis of conscience and wanted to come clean to the authorities – which resulted in Toyah's dream of a happy family to be jeopardised again.

Police have realised that the brakes of the car weren't activated seconds before the crash, leading them to believe Toyah may have crashed the vehicle on purpose.

But could she really be hiding something?

Upon learning the police's questions are leading them to her, Toyah calls at the station and tells DS Swain there are things they need to talk about.

In later scenes, Toyah's sister Leanne (Jane Danson) also goes to the police station, desperate for news and determined to stand by her.

Toyah makes it clear she never intended to kill Imran or herself and that she won't lie to that effect.

What will she reveal?

Could two potential witnesses come forward with the truth?

3. Abi makes a big mistake

Meanwhile, Abi Webster (played by Sally Carman) is determined to make the most of her chance at motherhood.

Alfie was taken away by social services following Imran's death and Toyah's arrest, meaning his fate in Weatherfield is hanging in balance.

Abi, however, keeps up the fight to get his custody.

This week, after reapplying for her son's custody, he gets a call from a social worker which leaves her despondent.

Abi tells her husband Kevin (Michael Le Vell) that the best she can hope for is custody of her baby under the supervision of a foster carer.

Deflated, Abi appears to lose faith in the system, making her opinion clear at the wrong place and at the wrong time.

The following day, while in the court waiting room and ahead another hearing, Abi badmouths the judicial system to a woman nearby.

The custody hearing then begins and the Judge takes her seat.

Abi is horrified to learn the Judge just happens to be the woman who was a witnessed her outburst in the waiting room.

4. A familiar face returns

Horrified, Abi is also convinced she has ruined any chance she had at getting custody of Alfie.

She appears to be proven right when a local authority solicitor lists all of her failings as a mother, before recommending that Alfie remain in care.

However, the judge orders that Alfie be placed with Abi in a mother and baby foster facility, where the latter will be assessed.

But a blast from the past, in the form of actress Roberta Kerr, is likely to be a huge help as a familiar character makes an appearance for the first time in a decade.

Abi is introduced to a familiar face – Wendy Papadopoulos, née Crozier, their foster carer.

And when Abi reveals she's from Coronation Street, Wendy keeps her counsel.

Could Wendy help Abi get Alfie back?

5. Brian pops the question

Elsewhere, Cathy Matthews (portrayed by Melanie Hill) has been romantically involved with Brian Packham (played by Peter Gunn) since 2017.

The couple are also known as the owners of The Kabin in the cobbles.

But the pair could be starting afresh away from Weatherfield as Brian thinks of a future with Cathy.

This week, Brian witters on about the new life he has planned for them in Cornwall but Evelyn Plummer (Maureen Lipman) can see Cathy isn't enthused by the prospect.

Brian is told he needs a more romantic approach and decides to suggest to Cathy they get married as a result.


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6. Cathy thinks of leaving

As mentioned above, it becomes clear Cathy is not really pleased with Brian's idea of leaving.

While her initial reaction to Brian's proposal remains to be seen, Cathy is urged by Evelyn to come clean about her misgivings.

Cathy is clearly reluctant to follow through as she later tells Brian that in answer to his question, she would like to tie the knot with him.

Brian is thrilled and tells her that despite everything, he doesn't want to lose her.

He then reveals that he's put an offer on a house in Cornwall in the hopes that she'll come with him.

Could she really follow him, stay or even go her own way?

7. Debbie confronts Leanne and Nick

As her sister Toyah faces being accused of Imran's murder, Leanne Battersby will also have to deal with her own troubles this week.

Coming up, Leanne gets a shock when she and her partner Nick Tilsley (Ben Price) are confronted by Debbie Webster (Sue Devaney) in the Bistro.

The pair are told that there's £4k missing from the business account.

But is there a thief roaming free in Weatherfield?

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