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EVEN the tidiest among us may not realize – or remember – that we need to clean some of our cleaning products.

But there's one particular cleaning tool that can collect quite a lot of grime – which can make it less effective at getting the job done.

New York City-based pro-organizer Caroline Solomon, who is known as Neat Caroline on social media, dedicated an entire video to vacuum cleaning.

Or rather, cleaning vacuums.

"Is it time to clean your vacuum brush?" she asked, holding up a pricey Dyson model.

First, she advised viewers to pull out the brush head from the vacuum.

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This can look different on different models, but most brush heads should come out fairly easily because they're meant to be cleaned.

Caroline said to start by removing lint and hair by hand, pulling it out from where it has tangled with the brushes.

Once the bulk of it is gone, you can get to work on the more stuck-in pieces.

"If you have a lot more hair and lint, you can go in with a pair of scissors and cut away that lint," she said.

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Once it's cleaned out, pop the brush head back into your vacuum, where it now should have an easier time collecting more hair and lint.

In a previous video, Caroline had advised viewers on the right way to vacuum, saying they should push forward and then pull back their vacuum slowly to trap more dirt.

Next, she said to overlap your second vacuum line by about 50 percent.

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Finally, "vacuum from side to side to maximize dirt intake."

"Don't forget to empty your canister regularly to improve suction," she concluded.

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