Dan Walker hits out at ‘angry’ backlash to his NHS remark after daughter’s hospital dash

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Channel 5 news presenter Dan Walker sparked concern yesterday after he told fans he and his daughter were waiting for four hours in A&E. The former BBC Breakfast star has since given an update on his daughter’s painful injury, but complained that his comments about the NHS had made some of his followers “angry”. 


Dan, 45, took to Twitter yesterday to reassure his 762,000 followers that his daughter’s injury had been taken care of.

He sparked concern earlier that day when he shared a picture of her hand, where one finger was covered in nasty bruises. 

“Currently in A & E with our daughter who has a suspected broken finger,” he wrote at the time. 

“Four hour wait has begun,” he added. 


A few hours later, Dan updated his fans on the situation, explaining that his daughter’s prognosis was better than he first suspected. 

Showing another picture of his daughter’s hand with a plaster wrapped around two fingers, he wrote: “She has a little buckle fracture but all is ok.

“Thanks to the lovely staff at @SheffChildrens who are doing a brilliant job with staff shortages at the moment.

“The nurse who dressed it was 90 mins into a 13 hour shift!

“Love the NHS,” Dan added gratefully with a heart eyes emoji. 

However, the presenter was forced to address some “angry” comments from Twitter users just a few hours later, after some people criticised the tweet. 

“Twitter is odd sometimes,” he penned.

“Some people are angry about the mention of shift length. 

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“I’m not ‘amazed’ she’s doing 13 hours – my sister is a nurse and does it all the time. 

“I used to do whooping great shifts 6 days a week,” he added with blushing and laughing emojis.

“Nothing wrong with working hard.

“Have a lovely day,” he signed off defiantly. 

Some people still weren’t satisfied with Dan’s follow-up tweet, however. 

Sue Foord wrote: “True enough Dan, but a nurse working a 13 hour shift might perhaps like a job sitting down being a presenter! Glad your daughter’s ok.”

Bryan Marshall commented: “More than a slight point of difference ref being a presenter vs a nurse on the front line – granted she was just doing her job anyway.”

While Sarah Dunn told Dan: “It was nice of you to be thankful and express your gratitude. 

“There wasn’t a single thing about your comment that deserved to draw criticism. You know, it’s really nice to be nice. I am glad your daughter is OK.” 

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