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LITTLE People, Big World stars Tori and Zach Roloff have fans concerned after allowing their toddler daughter, Lilah, to walk around the house with scissors.

A snapshot of the moment was shared on Reddit.

The photo shows the 2-year-old standing behind a baby gate sporting a maroon flower dress and matching glasses.

However, what the tot was holding sparked backlash from users who slammed her parents for letting her play with the "sharp" scissors.

"Let’s just hope there are no cuts with the scissors," one person remarked.

"This is so uncomfortable. What if she runs and falls? There is no reason for her to hold scissors in the first place," said another.

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A third fan defended the couple, speculating that the youngster could be holding child safety scissors.

Others disagreed with the theory, however, as one replied: "I'm pretty sure I have those same scissors- not for kids, sharp with pointed end."

And another echoed the thought: "I've never seen kids safety scissors that are that large. They are clearly designed for adult hands."

On Tuesday's episode of LPBW, Tori's parenting came into question after viewers noticed her daughter sitting on the kitchen counter unattended.

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The 31-year-old placed Lilah on the countertop as she went to get something out of the cabinet.

Tori then turned her back towards Lilah as she sat down to talk to her husband's father, Matt.

Lilah's 60-year-old grandfather and dad were in the same room, but they would have been too far to catch her if she fell.

The mom of three did turn around at one point to hand Lilah food but then turned her back towards her again.

Then, Tori's 5-year-old son Jackson woke up from his nap, and the star put him on the counter to stand with his bare feet but took him down very quickly.


Fans on Reddit were furious after they saw what happened and took to the platform to comment on it.

"Who the heck leaves a toddler sitting on a counter with their back turned? My heart was in my throat this whole scene. Maybe Lilah just doesn't move around but yikes!" they captioned the post.

The original poster also added a screenshot of the scene where Tori sat with her arms folded.

Many fans expressed their angry opinions on the platform.

"My husband walked into the room during this scene and immediately asked why she was on the counter like that… When you’re okay doing stuff like this in front of cameras, imagine how bad it is when they aren’t there," said one fan.

"That scene made me really uncomfortable too. The whole time I don't think I listened to a word they said… I'm not sure if it was just editing but it also appeared she walked away and left Lilah there for a moment too. I could never have done that with my kids," another chimed in.

"I felt your anxiety," added a third.

Other fans were concerned she would fall because of how small she was.

"And she's so tiny! That would be a big fall for any toddler but especially a little person baby," they said.

Many people said they thought it was lazy parenting on Tori's part.


More recently, Tori and Zach were bashed for their real estate selection as viewers branded their new Washington abode as "ugly."

The pair – who just moved into the home in October – gave Zach's mother, Amy, and her husband Chris Marek, a property tour during the show's latest episode.

Amy, 57, and Chris, 55, weren't impressed with the home's exterior, and neither were fans who critiqued the property on social media.

One wrote: "Housing market is crap right now but if I’m dropping a million on a new house I don’t wanna see everyones junk right outside my window, let alone what seems to be old abandoned homes."

Another questioned: "Didn’t Zach buy his first house basically on a whim and not tell long time girlfriend, Tori, and it was built on a cliff and the backyard was basically unusable."

"I have a lot of ideas for this property," Zach, 32, exclaimed on the episode, which was filmed just two weeks after they moved in.

The reality star said he has plans for an outdoor play area for his children and a landscaping area.

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As for his eldest son, Jackson, he was excited to show off the chicken coop and the chickens he was promised to adopt.

In addition to Jackson and Lilah, Tori and Zach are also parents to a newborn son, Josiah, who they welcomed in April.

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