8 Ways Rebel Wilson Earns And Spends Her Fortune

Australian actress and comedian Rebel Wilson has amassed a massive net worth of $22 million throughout her career. Rebel Wilson is popularly known as Fat Amy in the widely successful movie franchise Pitch Perfect which has three installments. The Pitch Perfect star has made her fortune from the film franchise thanks to her comedic punchlines which made the audience love her. Her massive net worth is an accumulation of her earnings and spending through the years, take a look at her spending and earnings.

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8 Earns: Movie Deals

During the time when the Australian comedian actress was still starting out in Hollywood, she does not seem to mind getting paid low just to be seen onscreen. It reported that she only got paid $3,000 for her role as Kristen Wiig’s roommate in the film Bridesmaids in 2011. When she landed her first role in Pitch Perfect, the contract only stipulated that she will be paid $65,000 for the entirety of the filming. Things took a turn for her after she was able to assess her value and decided to renegotiate her contract for the Pitch Perfect 2. She was able to land a $2 million contract for the film plus $2 million in bonuses. Since then, her movie contracts have always been in seven digit figures.

7 Spends: Funding Scholarships

Upon Rebel Wilson’s move to New York, she was part of the Australian Theatre for Young People. During that time, she luckily received a scholarship from the organization amount to $12,000 which helped her move to New York and enroll at the New York Film Academy and Second City Training Centre. This has helped her tremendously that is why when she made it, she vowed to return the favor to the organization. She has funded the organization’s scholarship fund for about $15,000 annually for three consecutive years.

6 Earns: Defamation Case

In 2017, the Australian comedian won a defamation case battle against the Bauer Media Group, a company in Australia. The said lawsuit was in connection to the articles that appeared in the Australian Women’s Weekly in Woman’s day which is a write up about herself. The magazine has wrongly depicted the Australian comedian as a serial liar after there were some discrepancies with her upbringing and age. She was able to win the lawsuit and was awarded a whopping amount of $3.2 million however in October 2017, the Bauer Media Group appealed for the reduction of the damages which was then reduced to $600,000.

5 Spends: Real Estate Properties

Earlier this year, Australian comedian Rebel Wilson has listed her beloved real estate property located on the Sydney harbor for roughly $6.7M. The estate is newly renovated and even has elevator in it. The house sits on 2,100 square feet of land with three bedrooms and three bathrooms. This sale resulted to Rebel Wilson’s decision to move to the U.S. as she has tons of properties in the country. She currently owns a $3 million Los Angeles property which she purchased last 2016, she also owns two-bedroom apartment in the celebrity packed building New York City’s Tribeca which she bought for $3 million. She reportedly owns about $16 million worth of real estate properties.

4 Earns: Rebel Wilson x Angels

In 2017, the Australian actress has launched a contemporary collection tailored for curvy women. It is a collection of stylish and elegant pieces that can fit any size since Rebel Wilson believes that style has no size. She has collaborated with clothing company Torrid for this collection since they are the ones who specialize in plus size clothing. The collection pieces are still available and can be bought an any Walmart stores across the U.S.

3 Spends: Car Collection

Rebel Wilson’s car may not be as fancy and luxurious as the cars of the Kardashians but she has a decent car collection. Among her car collection, she is often seen with her Toyota Prius as her ride. The Japanese car she owns is rated as one of the cleanest cars that is currently available in the United States market. The car has five doors that has 1.8 liter gas engine and an electric motor that can produce 134 hp. The car is also efficient as it can get her about 50 miles per gallon of gasoline and is produced using eco-friendly materials. The car is estimated to be around $25,000 to $30,000 which is pretty modest to support the needs of the comedian.

2 Earns: Endorsements

Aside from her movie deals, the 42 year old comedian also earns from her brand sponsorships and endorsements. Among her most recent endorsement contract is with OLLY. Just last year, it was announced that Rebel Wilson will be the brand’s celebrity ambassador. The comedian finally took it upon herself to prioritize her wellness and finally taking her commitment to the next level by joining OLLY. She has continued her dedication to the brand and to herself by living an authentic healthy lifestyle which is aligned to the values and mission of the company. However it was not disclosed how much she was paid to be the face of the brand.

1 Spends: Donations

Rebel Wilson probably thinks that $15,000 scholarship funding is not enough to give back to Australian Theatre for Young People. After all, she might not have made it in Hollywood if not for the help and support from the organization. Due to this gratefulness, Rebel decided to once again donate to the organization and this time, she has donated seven digit figures. After attending Australian Theatre for Young People’s aptly called Rebel Theatre in Sydney, she has announced that she will be donating a whopping $1 million towards the organization.

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