Just want to shake them Scarlette Douglas shares frustration with Flipping Fast guests

Flipping Fast: Couple devastated at profit made from renovation

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Scarlette Douglas began her career as a dancer and singer before turning her attention to property shows. She is a regular face on Channel 4, having presented A Place in the Sun and Points of View. The star spoke exclusively to Express.co.uk about her latest venture, George Clarke’s Flipping Fast.

George Clarke is joined by brother and sister Scarlette and Stuart Douglas in the new Channel 4 property programme.

The experts do their best to guide teams as they renovate and sell properties.

However, the contestants have a tendency to break all of the rules and they are destined for disaster.

Scarlette said the most frustrating thing about the series was not being able to prevent the guests from making bad choices.

She told Express.co.uk: “The most frustrating thing for me is seeing them making the mistakes and us not being able to tell them, ‘Don’t do that.’

“We can give advice as much as possible but we can’t tell them categorically what they should and shouldn’t do.

“So I’d say that’s probably the most frustrating bit, when you just want to kind of shake them and be like ‘What are you doing?'”

Her brother Stuart made his presenting debut in the series and he shared his sister’s frustration when it came to the contestants taking risks.

He said: “For me, we are working with novices, they have never done this before.

“A lot of people are going into it and it’s new to them, so they are potentially making mistakes that we would have made 20 years ago.

“Sometimes it’s difficult because we can only give advice, but we are not the ones who are buying.

“Some of the competitors may buy at the auction blind without even looking at a property.

“Others have bought without a survey and these are the cardinal sins that we would never do.”

The competitors have the added pressure of completing their sales within a certain time frame.

Stuart explained: “They have to buy and sell within a year.

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“A lot of the decisions are made based on the pressure of time and I think that’s why you see them making choices that we just would not make.”

The show sees contestants buy and develop properties with a budget of £100,000 for the chance to win the whole amount in prize money.

Amazing Spaces presenter George Clarke said the new venture was risky as this type of property programme is very new to him.

However, Stuart said he learnt a lot from the star as George gave him presenting tips.

Stuart said: “I have learnt a lot from the professionalism of George and Scarlette.

“Scarlette will happily tell me off if I do something wrong, you really need to be on your game.

“They are very good at what they do.”

Scarlette praised her brother for his presenting debut, saying she had also learnt a lot from him.

She added: “He is so raw in presenting he is just himself, I am learning from him to be more of myself on camera.”

George Clarke’s Flipping Fast airs on Channel 4 on Wednesdays at 9pm.

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