The Blacklist plot hole: Season 5 flashback scene had key modern-day feature

The Blacklist cast and crew finish filming

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NBC’s highly acclaimed series The Blacklist recently came to an end last week after it premiered the season nine finale. As a result, fans who were re-watching the series exposed a major error after noticing a modern feature during a flashback scene.

While season nine focused on the aftermath of Liz Keen’s (Megan Boone) death, fans spotted the blunder back in season five.

It took place during a happier moment in her life when she and Tom Keen (Ryan Eggold) had just tied the knot.

However, the episode titled ‘The Travel Agency (No.90)’ opened up with an unexpected flashback.

The scene featured a man waking up to a radio alarm clock proudly announcing that Roxette’s new single ‘The Look’ had just pushed Janet Jackson off the charts.

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When he sat down for breakfast with his wife, journalist Tom Brokaw reported on the fall of the Berlin Wall, which set the year at 1989.

Usually, during flashback scenes, the Blacklist will feature a title card with the year, however, this wasn’t the case in this episode.

The man’s wife let him know their daughters had already left for school; when his pager announced it was time for him to leave too.

During this scene, an eagle-eyed fan spotted a major error and exposed it on Movie Mistakes.

While the flashback included a number of clues to the year the viewer noticed a modern-day feature which made for a factual error.

They wrote: “The scene in 1989 has a VHS/DVD recorder in the left bottom corner.”

This was a major blunder as the VHS/DVD recorder hybrid was first introduced in 1999.

It would’ve been believable if they hadn’t used the hybrid recorder in the scene as the VCR was first developed in 1953 and was in homes by 1963.

Whereas DVD players were created in 1996 and were first released to American customers the following year.

Which made it highly unlikely to believe a home in 1989 would have a VCR/DVD hybrid recorder.

However, this would have only been spotted by an eagle-eyed viewer who was clued up on technology and its release dates.

This didn’t seem to affect many viewers as they stayed enthralled by the episode to uncover who the family man was and why he was relevant to the thrilling crime series.

As The Blacklist came to an end, the finale revealed the shocking exits of two major characters.

Agent Alina Park (Laura Sohn) was making her departure after discovering she was pregnant and planned to take medical leave.

While fan favourite Aram Mojtabai (Amir Arison) who had been the task force’s tech whiz since season one, was leaving to also take some time off.

With some of the biggest ratings for NBC, The Blacklist could continue to uncover more dirty secrets and family scandals for several more years to come.

The Blacklist is available on NBC. A UK release date is yet to be announced.

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