Update: Kourtney Kardashian Is Making So Much Money Right Now

In the mood to feel deeply jealous of Kourtney Kardashian? Same. Thanks to a gazillion episodes of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, some lucrative sponcon, a mega mansion in Calabasas, and POOSH, ya girl Kourtney is thriving. And by that, I mean she’s wildly rich. Especially compared to those of us who are out here with four years’ worth of student loan debt—whoops!

The good news is that we can all live vicariously through Kourtney—’cause after calculating her net worth, I’m comfortable saying her bank account is definitely the most ~interesting to look at~.

Let’s Discuss Keeping Up With the Kardashians Because Holy Sh*t

TBT to when Kourtney previously mentioned that she was pretty much done with E!’s iconic reality show. Since then, she’s gone on to marry Travis Barker (three times, to be exact), embark on a pregnancy journey, and, luckily, make many, many appearances on the family’s new Hulu show The Kardashians. You can get a full rundown of the insane amount of money America’s First Reality Family made from the original KUWTK, but if you’re too lazy to click, I can tell you that Kourtney got a big slice of a verrry lucrative pie.

Here’s the breakdown: In 2015, the Kardashians negotiated an $80 million deal for three years of KUWTK. Then in 2017, they reportedly scored another $150 million deal to take them through 2020. To which I say, THE DEVIL WORKS HARD BUT KRIS JENNER WORKS HARDER.

According to Kris, her famous family (aka Kourtney, Kim, Khloé, Kendall, and Kylie) split this money pretty evenly—meaning Kourtney walked away with about $25 million from that 2017 contract. “Everybody gets paid pretty much equally, ’cause we all film a lot and we all work hard,” Kris told Ellen DeGeneres in 2017. “And we’ve created this show and this brand for the last decade….Everybody’s happy.”

Though we don’t know *exactly* how much the family makes now, it’s prooooobably a step up from how much they made at E! considering what Khloé remarked about the role money played into their decision to pivot to Hulu.“It definitely played a factor because we give so much of our personal lives up for entertainment,” she told Variety. “We always have our private family conversations, and we’re pretty brutal, me and my sisters, with what we will settle for or not settle for.” TBH, I’m willing to bet that the final amount was definitely worth some pretty (hundred million) pennies.

Then There’s Her Sponsored Content Deals

As Forbes noted in 2016, the Kardashians mostly used KUWTK for “advertising and branding opportunities.” In other words, being on E! for so many years ensured their platforms remained strong so they could make extra income through sponsored content and brand endorsements. Fast-forward to 2022 and while Kourtney doesn’t do as much #sponcon as her sisters, she’s still a big-time “get” for brands looking to partner with a celeb thanks to her 181 million Instagram followers.


A post shared by Kourtney Kardashian Barker ❤️‍🔥 (@kourtneykardash)

At this point, you’re probably like, “Cool, but how much does she make per post?” Hard to know for sure, but according to Hopper’s 2021 Instagram Richlist, Kourtney was earning up to $785,000 per Instagram post that year, so it seems safe to assume she’s making even more than that now, right?

Don’t Forget About POOSH, Mmkay?

Kourtney gets a lot of crap from her sisters for not being business savvy, but her lifestyle brand POOSH is actually a pretty genius moneymaker. While POOSH offers advice via blog posts, its secret weapon is Shop.Poosh.com. Think of it as a ~fancier~ version of regular sponcon: Instead of just posting, let’s say, her favorite essential-oil diffuser to Instagram and getting paid for a quick #ad, Kourtney now collaborates directly with brands to sell products through her own site—taking a cut of the profits while she’s at it.


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Plus, Kourtney also works in partnership with her sisters, meaning their massive success is also her massive success. In the past, she’s collaborated with Kim Kardashian’s since-shuttered KKW Beauty (RIP) on a perfume, which, presumably, she got paid for in exchange for Kim being allowed to use her name, likeness, and platform:


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Kourt also recently collaborated with Gwyneth Paltrow’s brand Goop for a candle named, you guessed it, “This Smells Like My Pooshy.”

And Finally, There Are Her Freakin’ Houses

They’re massive. And so fancy. According to Elle Decor, Kourtney and her kids are posted up in a six-bedroom Calabasas mansion that she and her ex Scott Disick purchased for $8.5 million. It has an elevator, a gym, and a massage room—and it definitely added to her overall net worth. Here’s a tour if you’re in the mood to feel extremely envious:

She also recently purchased a gorgeous Palm Springs mansion with Travis for an astounding $12 million *le sigh*.

So, What’s Kourtney’s Total Net Worth?

According to Celebrity Net Worth, that’d be $65 million. To put that in perspective, Kim’s net worth is $1.8 billion and Kylie’s is around $1 billion—but, hey, compared to my $0.00 net worth, Kourt is doing pretty damn well.

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