This Morning fans fuming after Matthew Wright slams Queens Jubilee celebrations

This Morning viewers were left outraged when Matthew Wright slammed the Platinum Jubilee celebrations – and said The Queen shouldn't be "pushed" out to celebrate.

The mouthy TV host was invited onto the sofa to discuss the Jubilee alongside show hosts Alison Hammond and Dermot O'Leary and didn't hold back when he gave his take on the patriotic events that took place yesterday.

Addressing news that The Queen has opted to rest from duties today (June 3) after a long day yesterday he suggested that she was being pushed too far and should just be watching the events on TV.

He said: "She is an extraordinary human being. As a human being watching a 96-year-old lady essentially having to jump through hoops out of a sense of duty for the country yesterday, to the point where we were told she was in discomfort.

"She's 96, it's a huge thing, it's obviously what she wants to do, but there is this sense for me anyway we are pushing her as a country, pushing her, she's 96.

"She shouldn't be in discomfort. She should be having her feet up watching it on TV. It just feels ever so slightly uncomfortable the amount of pressure on her."

Matthew also slammed the amount of money and scale of the celebration – suggesting it was a "disgrace" and should be cut down.

He continued: "It's wonderful, the spectacle I get, but at a time when we are haemorrhaging money as a country?

"If you are some kind of celebrity, who's spending loads, millions on parties when you're bankrupt, people would be outraged, and this is a disgrace. But that's what we're doing as a nation. I think it could all be scaled down, just a bit, I mean really."

Viewers were not happy with Matthew's strong opinions and took to Twitter to air their disgust at his tirade.

One wrote: "Oh bore off @Matthew_Wright. If you don’t want to celebrate the Queen’s incredible service and Platinum Jubilee, something that will probably never happen again, stay at home you killjoy. The rest of us want to meet and have a good time after two years of lockdowns."

Another added: "Why does This Morning give air time to Matthew Wright I mean seriously? The bloke is everything that is wrong with today's society, he needs to get back in his box and never resurface again, I actually don’t mind my money being spent on the Queen's jubilee celebrations."

A third chipped in: "Can’t Matthew keep his nasty gob shut for just one day??"

Another outraged social media user posted: "Matthew can't hold his hatred for the monarchy in can he. Wonder if he would turn down an MBE though? You can bet he wouldn't."

A fifth offered: "Call me crazy, but I'm getting this anti-Royal vibe off Matthew Wright… again. Yawn It's really subtle, so I might be imagining it, but…"

This Morning airs weekdays at 10am on ITV

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