Time to Tour Kim Kardashian's Private, Cashmere-Covered Plane, I Guess!

Kim Kardashian flew on her private plane for the first time (normal sentence) during the newest episode of The Kardashians, and gave cameras—and Pete Davidson!—a grand tour. “Oh my god, I mean I never dreamed that I would own a plane. It’s just I wanted it to feel like an extension of me, and an extension of my home,” Kim said in an on-camera interview. “I’m so excited for just all the people that I spend a lot of time with to see all the hard work I put into this and my first flight.”

The interior of Kim’s plane couldn’t be more luxe, and by that I mean it’s completely covered in cashmere. Like, even the bathroom is fancy.

“Welcome to Air Kim!” Kim said upon arriving on board. “Usually planes are dark with lighter leather, mine I had custom all light wood, I had a bathroom put in the front, a bathroom in the back, every seat has its own phone charger. The best most exciting part of the plane is it’s all cashmere. Cashmere ceilings, pillows, headrests. I feel like I’m doing an MTV cribs for planes, ugh, what a dream!”

Kim also joked to her friends, “Don’t breathe, don’t touch a thing. I’m gonna do no shoes on the plane and get custom Skims slippers. Wouldn’t it be so cute if I made custom Skims in this color, like pajamas, socks, and blankets and slippers?”


Anyway, Kim also gave a FaceTime plane tour to Pete Davidson, who she showed the bedroom in the back. “We have two beds in the back but this can all come out as one King bed,” she mused. “It’s really cute, it’s like so perfect.”

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