Hairdresser reveals the most annoying things clients do in the chair

Confessions of a hairdresser: Stylist spills the things she can’t STAND about clients – from lifting their head up at the bowl to know-it-all attitudes

  • An award-winning hairdresser has revealed her biggest customer pet peeves 
  • Amanda Lunedei has been a hair stylist and colourist in Melbourne for 14 years
  • She said the worst type of customer is someone who thinks they know better
  • As well as people who touch their hair too much and always leave for cigarettes 

A top Australian hairdresser has revealed the most frustrating things clients do while in the chair at the solon including being too controlling, leaving for cigarettes and touching their hair too much. 

 Amanda Lunedei, 31, who has been working at a hairdresser and colourist for 14 years, said while she loves gossiping with her older customers, there are some newer clients come to her with a few annoying habits. 

The award-winning Melbourne hairdresser and mum-of-one gave her advice on how to be a star customer and leave with the best results at the salon. 

Top Australian hairdresser Amanda Lunedei (pictured right) has shared her biggest customer pet peeves including touching their hair too much and leaving for a cigarette break

* Turning your head to try and make eye contact to speak to us (use the mirror for eye contact, for god sake, I have scissors in your hair) 

* Raising your neck when you anticipate us going to lift your head at the shampoo bowl (biggest pet peeve ever, it only makes water run down your neck and then we are the one that got your collar wet)

* Sometimes new clients try to use platitudes like “I trust you, do whatever you want, it grows back anyway!” I realise this is more about reassuring themselves and being too shy to be assertive about what they’re looking for, but it’s a really backhanded compliment. It adds so much pressure, we can’t read your minds, and it completely belittles our whole career in one small sentence fragment

* People talking on the phone. She can’t cut the hair if your phone is over it. And she doesn’t wanna interrupt your conversation

* My missus is a hair dresser and hates it when girls with 12 inch long jet black hair with split ends come in and expect to leave and hour later with bright blonde hair the same length

Amanda told 9Honey her ‘number one pet peeve’ is someone who ‘constantly’ touches their hair while she’s trying to do her job. 

The most frustrating customer she said she gets is someone who is or was once a hairdresser themselves and think they know best, which happens a lot. 

She said the ‘last thing’ she wants to hear is that her client was a hairdresser and while some hare happy to let her work uninterrupted, others are very controlling. 

‘But if they keep going and don’t trust you, I have to say, ‘If you keep doing this we’re going to have a problem,’ she said.

Mum-of-one Amanda, 31, is an award-winning hairdresser from Melbourne who has been working in the business for 14 years

Amanda recommends listening to your hairdresser if they say what you want can’t be done like going from black to blonde in one session

‘Bobblehead’ customers are another annoyance for Amanda as are people who want to leave mid-session to smoke a cigarette. 

‘We call it bobbleheads, people who constantly move their heads while talking and I’m trying to keep their head still,’ she said.

Amanda recommends listening to your hairdresser if they say what you want can’t be done like going from black to blonde in one session. 

She learnt she was able to say no to outlandish requests the hard way after making ‘some pretty bad mistakes on some poor unfortunately clients’ during her years in the business. 

‘As a colourist, you have to have the ability to say no. At the end of the day, you can’t let someone walk out of the salon with work on their head you aren’t proud of. Otherwise, you’re doing a disservice to yourself,’ she said. 

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